WWE WrestleMania 28 Results: Whose Stock Is Rising or Falling After WrestleMania

Shane CombsCorrespondent IIApril 2, 2012

WWE WrestleMania 28 Results: Whose Stock Is Rising or Falling After WrestleMania

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    They came, they saw.

    They’ll rise, they’ll fall.

    We are on the other side of the biggest PPV of the year, and the debate is already raging. I have seen the comments admonishing fans that they’d better not have any complaints with the PPV last night.

    As if going in wholesale with your support makes you a better fan.

    That’s just not reality. There is much about last night that I wish had gone differently. Some matches disappointed me. I enjoyed parts and did not enjoy other parts.

    That is reality.

    We, as fans, win and lose. Wrestlers do, too.

    Here is how I see it immediately following WrestleMania 28.

The 18-Second Man

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    I posted a short column on this match immediately following the event. You can check that out for more insight on how I feel about this one.

    I would have liked to see Daniel Bryan’s reign go longer. I think he deserved it, and WWE would be better for it. Sheamus did not impress me going into WrestleMania.

    That said, this proves what everyone knows. The Sheamus stock is high with the right people in the WWE.

    Does this hurt Daniel Bryan? It certainly doesn’t help. But it will be OK as long as they don’t do what I asked them not to do in the column I linked here.

The Big Red Shocker

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    I would have lost money on this match, and I would have been glad about it.

    I had no doubt that Randy Orton would win, and I don’t think I was alone in this. It felt like this was unfortunate because WWE had done so much to revive Kane.

    Well, folks, Kane isn’t fading just yet.

    His stock is rising with this WrestleMania win.

    Randy Orton’s is falling, or, at least, remains neutral.

    I would expect Randy Orton to get his win back, but it slows his pace back to the world title.

    Just a little.

The Big Blow

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    This one surprised me as much as Kane-Randy Orton but not in a good way.

    I was prepared to make this statement: Big Show losing would do nothing to hurt his stock. In fact, I would have asked, "What would becoming Intercontinental Champion truly have done to raise his stock?" My answer would have been "Absolutely nothing."

    My answer is still absolutely nothing.

    This is a major loss for Cody Rhodes. He made the IC title mean something because he held it so long. Why not continue that? Why not build him off of that?

    Big Show has become an entity in himself and did not need the IC title or the win. Think of how much Cody Rhodes could have benefited in a year that could have been his year.

    For those who argue losing the IC title “frees” Cody Rhodes, I find that absurd.

    Even if Cody Rhodes goes on to do good things (which he should), his stock fell for the night.


Kelly Kelly on the Rise?

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    If anyone’s stock fell in this match, it was poor Eve Torres'. A heel turn that leads to a continual “hoskie” chant everywhere you go should at least lead to a push as well.

    This match did little for the stock of Beth Phoenix, either. She should have been in a one-on-one match.

    Kelly Kelly stepped up in this one. She had a lot of in-ring action and kept up with the pace and entertained the crowd.

    I was not terribly impressed with Maria Menounos, but knowing she was fighting through injury was enough to raise her stock.

    Still, I say Kelly Kelly’s stock rose the most in this match. She has steadily been putting in quality ring time. I think that should be said.

The King of Kings Versus the King of WrestleMania

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    People will have much to say against some of my thoughts on the Undertaker-Triple H match, and especially on CM Punk-Chris Jericho and The Rock-John Cena.

    I am going to be honest, regardless.

    I was one who felt the Undertaker-Triple H match never should have happened. I think the Undertaker could have done without Triple H matches the last two years. I think especially this year was more about giving Triple H something meaningful to do.

    There were parts I didn’t like, such as all the in-ring commentary. I thought it was a soap opera way of telling what they should have been able to show. Why bring out Jim Ross in a match where we are meant to sit and listen to Triple H and Shawn Michaels commentate?

    That said, I loved the ending and respect the effort of all three men.

    I have never been a huge Undertaker fan, but you have to love the guy for being old and bald and somehow still the Undertaker. The look on his aged face is as intimidating as any of the gimmicks that elevated him to Undertaker status.

    His stock rises so high on this. I think he deserves another WrestleMania. He has ended the era of facing DX, and I couldn’t be happier.

    Shawn Michaels’ stock rises, too. He is a testament to Christianity and should be applauded for his willingness to come back and be tossed around by his “best friend.”

    I was happy with Triple H losing and respect his work ethic. I liked the way they all walked out together. But I will not say his stock rises. He needs to stop inserting himself into everything that matters. Either have enough stock to get others over and to have your own thing or transition into the role you should be in anyway. The one outside the ring.

    That's harsh after his effort, yes, but I can applaud and criticize at the same time.

Score One for Eve Torres and the WWE Divas

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    The stock of the Divas rises on this one. With an 18-second match and a 12-man match, the Divas did not have the throwaway match of the night.

    And Eve Torres gets another chance at her push.

    Maybe Zack Ryder, too.

    And WWE will be more interesting because John Laurinaitis won.

    I think.

A Great (Enough) Match

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    At the start of this match, I wrote on my Facebook: Gimmick killed the wrestling match.

    I think WWE threw in the DQ bit to swerve people, but I think they partly swerved themselves. I would have preferred this match without the last-minute stipulation. First, because it was last minute. Second, because it led to all those gimmicky attempts at getting CM Punk disqualified early in the match.

    I admit this is a small thing, but I wanted to see the match start with more chain wrestling. I love to see two guys go back and forth and get the ovation when they finally break apart. WWE traded that for Chris Jericho (like in the Cell) narrating the early portion of the match.

    Do we need the comments about CM Punk's father during the match? Hadn’t that been well documented?

    With Bret Hart and others commenting on this match, I had hoped to see them take it to the next level. I don’t think they did that. They did not steal the show, by my estimation.

    That said: It was a damn fine match, regardless.

    The stock of CM Punk rises in that he defeated Chris Jericho somewhat wholly. It also makes you wonder if the only guy who could follow Chris Jericho at WrestleMania, for Punk, might be Steve Austin.

    I don’t know what happens to the stock of Chris Jericho the current wrestler. But his stock in the long run is sky high. He put CM Punk over leading in to the event and at the event. He made CM Punk better and gave him a WrestleMania match that mattered.

    Bravo, Mr. Jericho.

Finally the Rock Has Come Back...to Win a WrestleMania Match

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    Let me say, I thought the outcome to this match was an abomination.

    Many will disagree, which is fine.

    John Cena has done so much for the WWE, and I feel the WWE had done little for him. John Cena does his best with every angle he’s given, and many have been quite dull. He has never had opponents like Andre the Giant or Mr. McMahon. He is not in the '80s or the Attitude Era. It seems sometimes he is just the guy who works the hardest and sells the most merchandise, so WWE keeps him at the top while doing little to build a great legacy for him.

    He’s had a few exceptions, like Edge, who was always a great opponent for him.

    But I wonder if WWE is bowing too much to the voices of the online community. They wanted John Cena out of the title picture (which I’m glad he is). They wanted him to lose more. He has lost two WrestleManias in a row.

    I would have respected WWE and the Rock more had John Cena went over.

    The ending was silly. John Cena mocking the Rock and getting pinned after saying he has to win this match.

    Stupid narrative is all I know to say.

    It’s disrespectful and hard to believe that a 10-year vet with all that on the line would lose a match like this by acting silly. The moment where he did that, if it had to be done, should have been earlier; Rock should have moved and performed the People’s Elbow. Funny-ish, but no way to end a match of this level.

    Rock fans will be happy. Some will be rude (and have already been) by saying anyone with an opinion outside being gleeful has no right to express it.

    A win does not help the Rock or WWE right now. It will not get the Rock more world titles or a spot in the Hall of Fame. Nor does it say much for this generation of WWE talent. I guess Rock’s stock rises in the long run, as he can now say on DVDs that he's beat Hogan, Austin and John Cena.

    The biggest reason I disliked this ending, however, will be in the next and final slide, along with other things that bothered me at WrestleMania 28.

Flo Rida Killed the Flow, but It's Not His Fault

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    No one match deserves a year’s build. I pray to anyone who will listen that this will be the takeaway from WrestleMania 28.

    One of the main reasons why I hate that Rock won is this: It means we will probably see one or two more matches between the Rock and John Cena.

    Normally, that wouldn’t be bad. Do you realize, however, there has been enough build for this one match to have already had three matches?

    I can’t take the new one-year setup. It makes even the best matches seem average in the end, because waiting for a year for 20 minutes will never feel worthwhile.

    The other thing that bothers me with WWE and WrestleMania is all the outside entertainment.

    I like celebrities and getting WWE guys on talk shows. I like that WrestleMania is the Super Bowl. I do not, however, like concerts between entrances in a main event.

    John Cena brings so much emotion (and I would argue the fans were more into him than the Rock at many points). Yet all the tension John Cena brought for the “biggest match ever” was sliced when it was followed by a second concert.

    I have nothing against Flo Rida. He makes club bangers, but WWE called him something like the greatest rapper. I have listened to rap as long as I’ve watched wrestling, and I doubt Flo Rida would be in Flo Rida's top 10 rapper's list.

    WWE, in movies and bodybuilding and football and musicians, knows little about what they are talking about or doing. So just be moderate with it is all.

    To summarize: I expect some negativity in the comments. People are saying “best WrestleMania ever” and “you have no right to criticize.”

    I liked parts and thought parts could be better. For some matches, I felt they just couldn’t meet with the ridiculous hype around them. Some matches went beyond my expectations.

    I am glad to have watched WrestleMania 28, but I’m even happier it is over.

    My happiness stock is rising, because we can move to new angles and programs.