Musings from the Bald Prophet: (Jodie) Meeks Shall Inherit the Earth, BP Top 25

Marc DaleyAnalyst IJanuary 19, 2009

1) Even though he has basked in the limelight for nearly a week and is the runaway choice for the nonexistent Most Improved Player in Division I, there is one burning question that must be answered: How is Jodie Meeks only slotted at 51st in the 2010 NBA mock draft on

Meeks has a complete game (rebounds well from the two position and plays solid defense) to go with his 25 points a game.  He probably won't be back next season and will go first round despite that web site's projections.

2) The Big East is a certified battle zone.  Syracuse comes off a huge win over Notre Dame, which followed a double-digit loss to Georgetown.  So what do the Orange get as a reward?  Tonight they go to Pittsburgh, which will probably lose their No. 1 ranking following a loss at Louisville.  Then they get the aforementioned Cardinals at home on Sunday.

Notre Dame gets UConn, Marquette (5-0 in Big East play), and Pitt for their next three.  Whoever ends up first in that conference will be extremely prepared for a run in March.

3) The Missouri Valley is a one-bid league this year.  Illinois State proved to be the most counterfeit team to go 15-0 in recent memory.  Drake briefly took the top spot until they got drilled by Northern Iowa following a loss to the aforementioned Redbirds.  This year none of their coaches have cause to gripe if they don't get three teams in.

4) The death of the SEC is greatly exaggerated.  Not only has Kentucky reclaimed their rightful place near the top of the East, but Florida is also a robust 16-2 with only a six-point loss to Syracuse and a two-pointer to Florida State.  Arkansas is still looking for a conference victory after beating Texas and Oklahoma.  Tennessee looks like the big question mark, but Mississippi State and South Carolina have been surprises.

5) Congrats to the Deacons who did indeed get the coveted slot in the AP and ESPN polls. 

So without further ado...

1. Wake Forest

2. UConn

3. Duke

4. Pitt

5. UNC

6. Syracuse

7. Michigan State

8. Oklahoma

9. Clemson

10. UCLA

11. Xavier

12. Memphis

13. Georgetown

14. Texas

15. Marquette

16. Butler

17. Villanova

18. Arizona State

19. Illinois

20. Purdue

21. Florida

22. California

23. Minnesota

24. St. Mary's

25. Washington