Suburban White Irish Dudes Lose to Athletic Black Urban Fellas

Danny CarberryContributor IJanuary 17, 2009

Poncho trying to squish the enormous head of Notre Dame forward, Luke Harangody.

Well, after a freezing walk to the Short Yellow bus on Marshall street that brought me and my boyz back to Syracuse Suds, I have developed a numbness in my right toe that leads me to believe the onset of frostbite has taken over my fragile extremities.

It's so freaking cold in Syracuse.

That sure was a thought-provoking game. It had all the elements of a Huge Big East match up and at times, it was one of those games that had you kicking over your beer into the little boy in front of you, pissing off his dad. AO matched his season high with 19 points, Action "Rick" Jackson had 14 points and 10 rebounds, and the Orange held off Notre Dame 93-74 on a freaking freezing day in Central New York.

Enjoying a warm, settled draft delight prior to the Orange getting all "Gangs of New York" on Notre Dame.

Some Hump Thoughts:

Foul Shots

We are absolutely ridiculous. If I played against Syracuse I would "Hak a' Shaq" AO the entire game. He cannot make a free throw in NBA Jams '94. This team reminds me of those eerie late '80s early '90s teams who were consistently in the basement of Big East free throw percentage perennially.

Luke Harangody's Gigantic head

Stuart Mackenzie: Look at the size of that Luke's heed.
Tony Giardino: Shhh!
Stuart Mackenzie: I'm not kidding, it's like an orange on a toothpick.
Tony Giardino: Shhh, you're going to give the boy a complex.
Stuart Mackenzie: Well, that's a huge noggin. That's a virtual planetoid.
Tony Giardino: Shh!
Stuart Mackenzie: Has it's own weather system.
Tony Giardino: Sh, sh, shh.
Stuart Mackenzie: HEAD! MOVE!

Hot College Coeds

I had to give it to those sexy college dames today. Scantily clad on such a cold winter's day, does not make Poncho a dull boy. Good job ladies! As someone who went to a State University about 40 minutes from the beach where my days of college were like the movie Hardbodies, these Long Island princess's were looking grande today.

I will continue to say Hot College Coeds until I turn 40. I will then talk about how I used to say Hot College Coeds when I was in my 20s and 30s.

Doug Marrone

This guy has some enthusiasm. He gave a rabble rousing speech at halftime and I am starting to like his vibe. He took off the jacket, through it on Jim Boeheim court and got a little riled up about football. F*** Yeah Doug!

Their Thug versus our Thug

Well, Kyle McAlarney won the battle of BBall thugs today. Devo had times, but this guy from Notre Dame is lights out when he is in the Zone. Devo has more "Tats" and probably has hit more bitches, but Kyle has got the stroke and can bang it in from almost half court.

We will take that win and move on to Pitt on Monday. If someone said we would be 17-2 and 5-1 in the Big East on January 17th, I would have said go suck a "D". Good job playas and Jim Boeheim better crack a smile at the presser or someone needs to give him a nice postehaste jab to the solarplexis.