Texas Football: Longhorns Should Name David Ash the Starter and Move Forward

Michael FelderNational CFB Lead WriterApril 2, 2012

COLUMBIA, MO - NOVEMBER 12:  Quarterback David Ash #14 of the Texas Longhorns passes during the game against the Missouri Tigers on November 12, 2011 at Faurot Field/Memorial Stadium in Columbia, Missouri.  (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Texas spring game has come and gone and after a season of watching David Ash and Case McCoy attempt to navigate the quarterback waters, I think we've seen enough.

Bryan Harsin and Mack Brown need to pull the trigger on the quarterback battle and anoint David Ash as the starter in Austin. No, not because Ash was phenomenal in this past Sunday's spring game. He was not. But because McCoy has been the worst of the two and at this point deciding to pick a guy, one guy, is the right move.

And that guy should be Ash.

Spring is about competition and competition is great, but at the quarterback spot, finding your guy is the most important move that can be made coming out of the spring. Put the ball in Ash's hands, let him roll full-time over the summer as the lead quarterback and eliminate the doubt.

The most disturbing thing to come out of the spring game for Texas was not the play of McCoy— two interceptions and a "should have been" third—it was the comments about their quarterback situation from DJ Grant:

When Grant reflected on his 54-yard touchdown catch, he had to admit that, yes, Texas might finally have found a passer.

“He has a good ball,” Grant said of wide receiver Jaxon Shipley, the player who made the prettiest throw Sunday during UT's spring game at Royal-Memorial Stadium. “If he got as many reps (as the quarterbacks), he'd probably be just as good.”

That folks, is not what you call a ringing endorsement of the quarterback position in Austin. So it is on Harsin and Brown to fix things. That starts with picking a horse and riding it home. We all know the old adage "If you have two quarterbacks, you don't have one" and in this case that's entirely true.

Both guys looked bad at times last year. Both guys looked good at times a season ago. After a season and a spring, it is time to pull the trigger.

Get Ash ready to play, get McCoy ready to back him up. More reps for Ash and let the sophomore establish himself as something of a leader at the position. McCoy will get chances; whether they're through injury or Ash having a bad day.

Spring is done and the depth chart needs to get firmed up for the summer season. Give the job to Ash; let him prepare as the starter during the offseason. More meetings with Harsin, more work with the wide receivers and a role that allows his teammates to get behind him as the date with Wyoming approaches.

Attempting to get two quarterbacks ready to play because neither is actually the starter is an unenviable task. Pick one, David Ash, and roll with him so he can prepare for September.