Now We're Talking Women's Basketball

Danny CarberryContributor IJanuary 19, 2009

Before I go into a rant, I have never attended a Division I women's college basketball game, nor do I ever care to. It's just not my thing. I am not sure who's thing it is? Maybe if I had a daughter, sister, girlfriend playing I would consider going?

First off, watching women's basketball is like watching two squads filled with Steve Kerr's hitting jump shot after jump shot and then sneaking in a left handed layup Ala Mark Price. It is like watching the movie Hoosiers with the mute button on. I play horse a lot with my friends, but wouldn't expect people to watch me play it.

Women's basketball is like having someone tell you about their dream (dude, let me tell you about this insane dream I had last night, I was falling off a cliff and then I...blablalblalbllabl, snnnnnnnoooooorrrrreeeeee).

They wear baggy shorts and jerseys, so they don't really look like women at all. They look like lumpen bottom-heavy boys who are shorter and can't jump as high. *Although they seem to be catching up to the College Softball vibe with some Sexy Dames making their way on to the hardwoods. The only real tell-tale sign of femininity is the pony-tail. It's like watching a bunch of chubby 13 year old junior high kids with surfer hair playing CYO Ball.


That little skirmish between the Coach of UConn, Geno Auriemma and Syracuse player Nicole Michael was legendary. How much would you have given to see Auriemma take a shot at Michael? A left Houston Nutt maybe?

Michael was ready to take the Lil' Italian Stallion out. She had her game face on, laughing at him with beguilement and waiting for Auriemma to cross the line.

Oh, good god I love women's college basketball now.