Looking Back at the Washington Wizards' Week and Peeking Into the Future

Shaun AhmadSenior Analyst IJanuary 19, 2009

I am back and better than ever. Well, probably not better than ever, but at least I am back after a 10-day hiatus, courtesy of one of the worst flu bugs I have ever had to encounter. I guess my arrogance when shunning away the idea of a flu shot came back to get me after all.

Regardless, I kept up with the Wizards and here’s a quick recap of all the excitement that took place while I was out. Brace yourself.

Jan. 9: Wizards lose to Chicago, drop to 7-28.

Jan. 10: Wizards lose to Charlotte, drop to 7-29.

Jan. 12: Wizards lose to Milwaukee, drop to 7-30.

Jan. 14: Wizards lose to New York, drop to 7-31, tied for lowest win total in the league.

Jan. 16: Wizards defeat New York, improve to 8-31.

Okay, so the Wizards continued to lose, reached a new bottom, and find themselves with no place to look but up. I guess not much has changed after all.  

But while I lay there in a daze for much of the week and came to know about the Wizards hitting rock bottom in the standings, I began to run through the roster player by player in looking forward to 2009-'10.

 I looked at each position to see what players were expendable, valuable, or would be determined in the upcoming months.  

Before I knew it, I came up with a position-by-position breakdown with analysis on each player. So while I suffered most of the week, something good came out of it.

Beginning tomorrow, I will write a five part breakdown of the Wizards’ roster. Each day for the next week will look at a different position, what players currently play that position, how they have performed, and who will be available in the offseason/draft. 

In the meanwhile, enjoy today’s Inauguration festivities and of course, the remembrance of one Martin Luther King, Jr. 


Shaun Ahmad covers the Washington Wizards for Examiner.com.