The Most Famous Booing Instances in Sports

Jeff Chase@@Real_Jeff_ChaseSenior Analyst IIApril 2, 2012

The Most Famous Booing Instances in Sports

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    There is no way around it, as booing will always come naturally during sporting events. Let's face it, we always want to see our teams do well and make the right choices.

    When they don't, we can't help it. We have to boo.

    Booing has grown though, as now it is directed at athletes who change teams, celebrities and even at those who work the front offices.

    It will continue to happen, but for now these are some of the most famous instances thus far.

Honorable Mention: New York Hates Justin Bieber

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    While this isn't exactly one of the most famous booing instances in sports, it deserves an honorable mention because I can't recall another time where a celebrity got such a poor reception at a sporting event.

    Obviously, not everyone is in Justin Bieber's corner, so he is due to get some boos. But come on, he is just a kid!

    Well, I guess I understand where they are coming from.

15. Fans Hate the NFL Lockout

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    Roger Goodell is one lucky man that the NFL got things figured out, as it was quite apparent at the 2011 NFL Draft that fans were quite upset with the ongoing situation.

    While Goodell wasn't fully to blame, the fans made sure to let him know their displeasure in the ongoing situation by booing him, cheering "We want football!" and making it virtually impossible for him to speak above it.

    Good thing it all was figured out.

14. NBA Fans Are Not Happy Either

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    While dealing with a lockout for the NFL draft was bad enough, fans were going to be going through the same situation yet again once the NBA draft rolled around as well.

    As commissioner David Stern was getting ready to announce the last pick in that year's draft, the entire audience started booing him.

    Best part? Stern stood there and took it, and then thanked the crowd.

    Nothing fazes this man.

13. Some Wounds Never Heal

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    While it is understandable that Seattle Mariner fans still despise New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez for leaving after the 2000 season, it is quite shocking he still hears the boos—as he is already onto his second team since then.

    Well, that is what happens when your former franchise has been struggling for quite sometime and you are having success on your own.

12. Philadelphia Flyer Fans Are Clearly Democrats

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    While famous people, such as celebrities and politicians, do opening game ceremonies all the time, nobody has ever received worse reception than what former Vice President candidate Sarah Palin received at the Philadelphia Flyers' opening match in 2008.

    Probably not what the Flyers had planned for when they arranged this situation to kick off the season.

    Note: Please keep all political comments to yourself, as this isn't the place to discuss them. Thank you. Also, the title is a joke, so don't take it offensively if you are a Flyers fan and you don't associate yourself with that political party.

11. Wayne Rooney Can't Find Support

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    Even though they did'nt lose their opening round game against Algeria in the 2010 World Cup, England fans still booed Wayne Rooney and the rest of his squad after they finished the game at a draw.

    Expectations were high for England, but Rooney wasn't too appreciative of the gesture, telling the cameras, "Nice to see your home fans boo you, that's loyal supporters."

    Rooney later had to apologize for his actions after the team was eliminated from the tournament.

10. Would You Like Some Maple Syrup with Those Boos?

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    It is one thing to continually boo your team throughout the game, but these situations take a turn for the worst when objects start hitting the surface.

    Well, sometimes it can be funny. Like in this case, where Maple Leaf fans started to throw waffles onto the ice and at players as they couldn't bear to watch anymore.

    Funny thing is, this wasn't the last time.

9. Canadians Boo United States National Anthem

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    While it is always OK to boo players or teams, one should never boo any country's national anthem, no matter what the situation.

    During the 2008 NHL playoffs, the Canadian crowd started to boo during the singing of the United States National Anthem. It was being sung because the league is played in both countries, as well as the fact that they were playing the Boston Bruins.

    It was Game 7, so things were intense, but still they shouldn't show disrespect to another country—not to mention, plenty of their players were likely American.

8. To Say the Least, Warrior Fans Are Not a Happy Bunch

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    While the Golden State Warriors were honoring the career of Chris Mullin, the team's fans couldn't help but to boo team owner Joe Lacob with such a prime opportunity.

    Obviously, the team hasn't been moving in the direction many have hoped since their last playoff run during the 2006-07 season.

    Hopefully with the recent addition of Andrew Bogut, Lacob will see those frowns turn upside down.

7. Tiki Don't Talky

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    Despite the inconsistent success coach Tom Coughlin and the New York Giants have had between their two Super Bowl runs, former running back Tiki Barber wasn't exactly welcomed when he returned to the Meadowlands to be entered into the team's ring of honor.

    Barber was speaking out against quarterback Eli Manning during the 2007 season—the same year the team won the Super Bowl over the New England Patriots. 

    He criticized Manning's leadership, and it still bothered fans three years later when he was inducted. No wonder they didn't want any part of him when he wanted to return to the league.

6. The Entire City of San Francisco Wants David Carr

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    Although fans embrace him now, just a season ago everyone wanted Alex Smith out and David Carr in.

    The crowd wasn't so much divided on which former No. 1 overall pick should start, as the team clearly wanted Carr in the game as Smith continued to struggle with the team already sitting at 0-4.

    Well, Smith kept his composure and finished the game throwing for 309 yards with three touchdowns and two interceptions. 

    Still, the team fell 27-24 and never got their serving of Carr as he would only appear in one game during the entire 2010 season.

5. Donovan McNabb Doesn't Fly with the Eagles' Fans

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    Fans of the Philadelphia Eagles were not very happy when their team selected Donovan McNabb with the second overall pick in the 1999 NFL Draft.

    While McNabb would prove to be a great quarterback for the team for many years, he ultimately never brought the team a title, bringing much dismay to the franchise and his name with the team.

    The team definitely made the right pick, but things just never panned out.

4. Brett Favre's Bittersweet Return to Lambeau

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    When Brett Favre returned to Lambeau Field as a member of the Minnesota Vikings in 2009, it was a mystery as to how the fans would react.

    The team chose to move Favre to the New York Jets the previous year, but it was his decision to join one of their NFC North foes that caused such an eruption from the crowd.

    While Favre didn't get the warmest of receptions, the Vikings went on to win that day 38-26 behind Favre's 244 yards and four touchdown passes.

3. Keep All Hands and Feet Inside the Railings

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    Over 90 years in the making, the Chicago Cubs looked poised to finally make the World Series. With just one more game to win against the Florida Marlins, the Cubs were winning and looked poised to continue their postseason run.

    It wasn't until the eighth when a foul ball went towards the stands, and a fan by the name of Steve Bartman went to grab a piece of potential history.

    Unfortunately, he was on the wrong side of history, as he became the scapegoat for the Cubs 2003 NLCS collapse.

    His interference sparked an eight run inning for the Marlins, proving the team was just rattled from the incident.

    Bartman was booed, covered in beer and food and finally escorted out of the stadium.

    Without a doubt, the biggest boos a fan will likely ever get in a sporting incident.

2. LeBron Returns to Cleveland

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    Would anybody expect anything less from the Cleveland Cavalier fans whenever LeBron James returns to his former team with the Miami Heat?

    While he did do a ton for the franchise, he left them in the dust and will always get this response no matter how many years down the line it is.

    James made his choice, but this is ultimately what he will have to deal with for pretty much the rest of his career.

1. Luis Figo Returns to Barcelona

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    After Luis Figo made his move from Barcelona to Real Madrid, many would have assumed much controversy when he would finally return to his former club.

    Well, let's just say fans were not over it.

    Fans were constantly booing Figo the entire game, and eventually started throwing objects at him during a corner kick.

    Things got really out of hand though when one fan threw a pig's head onto the pitch, causing a frenzy that would delay the game.

    If someone is willing to a carry a pig's head with them all day, you know people are not happy.