MMA Top Five Pound-for-Pound Rankings

joshua khanContributor IJanuary 19, 2009

Everywhere across the MMA world you will find the pound for pound rankings who have many fighters, most of them having Anderson Silva and Fedor Emelianenko topping the charts, but I’m here to bring you my p4p rankings and ill put a detailed explanation for each fighter and ranking.

1. Anderson Silva 

Of course, I must put my first choice as the man above all men, he’s a striking genius, as Joe Rogan said, he is a different kind of striker.  I believe that the only man that will be able to dethrone this champion is someone with world champion prowess submission skills, your not going to just go in, take him down and submit him, your gonna get on top, get a body triangle in, and he’s gonna beat your face in from the bottom.  I think the only man who can truly dethrone the champion is Demian Maia.  The man can take a hit and he’s truly evolving into a different fighter.


2. Georges St. Pierre 

Truly, the most complete fighter in MMA, a man who came in with a karate background, to controlling who many considered some of the best wrestlers in the sport.  You wont ever find a more complete fighter, and in a man who came up from nothing and completely rose up the rankings to be able to defy all the odds, a true athlete in many aspects.  Boxing trainers say he can go pro with his skill, at one point he considered wrestling for his country, one of the only men, who i believe, who could take down the top p4p man.


3. Lyoto Machida

A lot of people disagree but this man is the true future of MMA.  With crisp striking, top notch submission skills and the ability to throw his opponents off of their game plan.  The true meaning of mixed martial arts is to use the best way possible to defeat your opponent, going in, throwing, and having the possibility to get knocked out is not the best way to win a fight, its to avoid getting hit, and using your own opponents mistakes against them, the man is truly the future of MMA, without a doubt.


4. Fedor Emelianenko

Truly, the top heavyweight in any organization.  He will come in, and destroy you on your feet, if he takes you to the ground, you better be good otherwise your getting submitted, and you better be even better when your on top because he’ll fuck you up off his back. The man moves his hips like a lightweight. The man is certainly one of the best fighters in the world, and i foresee that when he retires, he’ll be unbeaten still.


5. BJ Penn 

The current UFC lightweight champion. A man that, in his own, has risen the ranks and showed everyone that he is truly a force to be dealt with for anyone.  Having faced two of the my picks for the top P4P fighters in the world, he has gone the distance with both and has only been stopped once in his entire career. His fight with “Rush” will truly change the P4P rankings from what you see now

Even though, many people may have their own choices n whatnot, no one can truly say who they believe are the top fighters in the world, everyone has their own opinions but these are my picks in who i believe are the best that this sport has to offer.  A year from now these rankings will be different, and the new generation will take order, long live MMA.