Kentucky Wildcats: Images of Lexington Riot After Final Four Win over Louisville

Kyle VassaloFeatured ColumnistMarch 31, 2012

Photo courtest of @mandaa_d
Photo courtest of @mandaa_d

An exciting University of Kentucky win over rival Louisville took an ugly turn. According to Mike Winn of The Courier-Journal:

Post-game revelry in Lexington turned to violence and fire-setting as University of Kentucky fans swarmed the streets surrounding campus, prompting police in riot gear to move in.

This is the sort of bone-headed act from a passionate fan base that brings out the worst in sports. A sensational win that launched Kentucky into the National Championship is being overshadowed by the foolish antics of a mob. Twitter has exploded with images capturing the insanity.

Andrew Mills Tweeted this picture, showing the mob of people and fire, which every self-respecting riot needs.

Pete Thamel indicated early reports of disarray:

Some early reports of riot-like activity out of Lexington. Pepper spray and car flipping.

— Pete Thamel(@PeteThamelNYT) April 1, 2012

Here is another photo for an up close and personal look at the mob, courtesy of Amanda DiPasquale

car flipping, couch burning, tear gas, swat team, fireworks, riots #BBN…

— Amanda DiPasquale(@mandaa_d) April 1, 2012

I hope authorities are able to gain control over a situation that has clearly gotten absurdly out of hand.