WWE News: The Latest on New Show Being Added to the WWE Network This Fall

Chris Humphrey@@_CBH_Correspondent IMarch 31, 2012

With the WWE holding its biggest event of the year this weekend in Miami, the company is also looking ahead to their biggest venture in its history, the WWE Network, in meetings taking place this weekend before WrestleMania 28.

As there has been a lot of doubt about the longevity of the network when it debuts, what new programs have the WWE developed to play on the WWE Network later this year when the channel makes its way into the homes of WWE fans?

From PWInsider.com:

During a summit with business partners this weekend, WWE officially announced the following series for their forthcoming Network:

*WWE Divas Tour Bus

*WWE WrestleMania Rewind

*WWE Countdown

*WWE The Monday Night War: Raw vs Nitro

The company also announced they will be launching a third series with a network to be announced as well as a new Spanish-language series.

With these four shows, plus hopefully some classic wrestling events from the archives of WCW, ECW and all the other promotions’ libraries, I think the WWE is going in the right direction with the WWE Network as it gets closer to the channel going on the air.

Even though the title seems like a hidden camera show spying on the Divas, the show “WWE Divas Tour Bus” will have guys tuning in to hopefully see something that is far from the PG-rated content that we see on Raw and Smackdown.

As for WrestleMania Rewind, this show should be the most popular of the shows we know will be on the network when it debuts. I think most fans can’t get enough of some of WrestleMania and all the great matches that have taken place at the event.

With literally every channel on television having some kind of countdown show, WWE Countdown might be a good show for the network. It could count down things like the greatest WWE Champions of the 2000s or the greatest opening match in WrestleMania history on the show.

Even thought there is still a large contingent of WCW fans around the world, I think the WWE might be rehashing the Monday Night Wars one too many times as the topic has been widely covered since buying out their former rival a decade ago.

Ultimately, I hope the WWE schedules some blocks of classic event from their competition, like the aforementioned WCW and ECW, which would likely bring in a great deal of viewers for the network in the early stages.

So Bleachers, what do you think the chances of the WWE Network surviving when it officially goes on the air sometime later this year?


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