Wrestlemania 28: Cody Rhodes and More Who'll Move Up Card After PPV

T.J. McaloonContributorApril 1, 2012

Sometimes at WrestleMania, even if you win your match, you may not move up the card after the show. That’s why having a great match is the most important thing that a wrestler has to do at the pay-per-view. 

Cody Rhodes will go out at WrestleMania XXVIII and may lose to the Big Show. But he will prove that he’s ready to be moved up the card into the main event on Smackdown.


Cody Rhodes

Cody has been doing a great job as the Intercontinental Champion. He’s put on quality matches, he’s held the belt for a long time and he’s brought credibility back to the title that hasn’t been seen in quite sometime. 

If Rhodes loses to the Big Show it will not be a bad thing, since the Big Show has a deep resume filled with championships. 

With the loss, Rhodes can leave the IC Title behind and move onto a nice feud with someone like Randy Orton or Sheamus, if Sheamus wins the World Heavyweight Championship in his match against Daniel Bryan. 

Either one of those feuds will have Rhodes either at the main event level—if he feuds for the World Heavyweight Championship—or right underneath it, if he feuds with Orton. 

Cody has a bright future with the WWE. After WrestleMania XXVIII, he should take that next step that ends with him holding up the World Heavyweight Title. 



Dolph Ziggler

Dolph may be in a match with 11 other wrestlers, but, he can separate himself from the other wrestlers in the match by getting the winning pin fall for his team. 

Ziggler has been moved back down the card since he lost his WWE Title match at the Royal Rumble against CM Punk. He needs a great performance in this 12-man tag team match so that it refreshes the viewers at WrestleMania and at home that Ziggler is a main event player. 

He has to get the winning pin fall after hitting the Zig Zag on someone like Kofi Kingston, R-Truth or Santino Marella. 

By getting the winning pin he will separate himself from the other wrestlers in the match. Ziggler has been known to show off and steal the show. He will be the person who is most remembered from the 12-man tag-match from his excellent mat skills and smug personality. 


These two wrestlers recently have been good, but not great in the WWE. After they get a victory on the biggest stage, they will vault themselves into main event players on future WWE cards.