Which NBA Legend is Your Favorite Current NBA Star?

Jonny SAnalyst IJanuary 19, 2009

How many times have you heard, "He's the next Jordan... he is the next Magic?" Well if you are a fan of basketball, my guess would be quite a bit.

Comparing NBA stars of today to NBA stars of the past is rather pointless and nearly impossible to do. The game has changed and the athletes are different...we can say LeBron is better than Bird but until we can have them play 1-on-1 in their prime, nobody knows. Sorry folks, PlayStation games don't count.

Having said that, there are many players who we watch today and think to ourselves, "Man, he really reminds me of so and so." Here is where I come in.

I took some of the biggest stars of today's NBA game and compared their styles, skills, and overall games to past stars. So, "What NBA Legend is Your Favorite Current NBA Star?" Come find out now...



Chris Paul you are... the current Isiah Thomas

Both are talented and quick point guards that stand around six feet tall. They can take over a game at any time with their scoring but the most impressive thing about them is their ball handling skills. Both Thomas and CP3 make ridiculous passes and throw alley oops with the best of them.

They may be the smallest on their teams but there is no doubt they are also the leaders.


Dwyane Wade you are... the current Clyde Drexler

Taking it to the rack is your thing and don't forget about finishing with style. Clyde was nick named the "Glide" and Wade is nicknamed the "Flash." Speed and athleticism is common between you guys and hitting some clutch shots is also part of your repertoire. Wade is a little smaller than Drexler but both men play much bigger than their size.


Steve Nash you are... the current John Stockton

Yes, they are both white and have brown hair, but there is more to their similarities than the obvious.

Both players take much more pride in passing the ball than shooting the ball. However, when they shoot they are very lethal. John and Steve attended small schools on the west coast, Santa Clara and Gonzaga... colleges that are also in the same conference. To top it off; Steve’s middle name is John... go figure.


Dwight Howard you are... the current Shaquille O’Neal

I know, I know; Shaq is still playing; nonetheless, Dwight Howard looks like Shaq when Shaq was in his prime. They both dominate like no other big men in recent years. Every time they dunk the ball the basket rattles and people "ohh and ahh." Howard definitely has more of a vertical game but Shaq is a little more powerful.

They dominate the glass and lead their teams respectively. Neither player has much of a game outside of the paint but when you are over seven feet tall, who needs it? Did I mention Shaq was drafted by the Magic, ironically so was Howard.


Kevin Garnett you are... the current Hakeem Olajuwon

KG you are a little thinner and an inch or so shorter, but your games and attitudes are strikingly similar.

When you get the ball with your back turned to the hoop, you have an array of moves, fade away, drop step, or maybe even a spin move. Your passion is always admirable and "classy" is always a word that comes to mind when discussing you guys. And finally... you can always be remembered as champions!


Shaquille O' Neal you are... the current Wilt Chamberlain

Nobody has been as dominate and powerful as Wilt Chamberlain was during his prime. He put up astronomical numbers that we will never see again. The closest thing to dominant as we will ever get to Wilt is no doubt a guy nicknamed "The Diesel" and "Superman."

Shaq and Wilt during their primes must have posterized their counterparts five or six times a game. The paint was theirs and free throw shooting was about as consistent as Dennis Rodman’s hair color. When it is all said and done, you two may go down as some of the most dominant players in NBA history.


Paul Pierce you are... the current Scottie Pippen

Your nick names should be "Intangible." While one of you was number 33, the other is number 34. Your heights are an inch apart and you couldn't win the title on your own. But without you, your team would have never won anything, you are the ultimate team player and are one of the 50 best players.

You have an outside shot, nice driving ability, and almost always make the right decisions with the ball. Without MJ he may have never become MJ and without you KG may have never solidified his career...and your own.


Allen Iverson you are... the current Calvin Murphy

Although AI is listed at six feet, many people dispute he is that tall. Meanwhile, Murphy was also below six feet at 5'9. There is no doubt that you are two of the toughest little men of all time.

Iverson, you are a better scorer, but Murphy you are a better defender. Many experts call you two the greatest players "pound for pound." Speed and ridiculous ball handling moves are your other trademarks. Best little men in a big man's game no question about it.


LeBron James you are... the current Magic Johnson mixed with Dominique Wilkins

You have the passing and ball skills of Magic Johnson but you also have the power to drive and finish like no one other than Mr. Dominique Wilkins. You have some of the best pass highlights in the last few years and for being such a big body, like Magic, it is extremely unusual to see that.

However, not only can you pass with the best of them, when you decide you want to drive, you will not be denied just like Wilkins. Your dunks are high-flying and incredibly athletic. Not bad to be the mixture of two of the greatest players in NBA history.


Kobe Bryant you are... the current Michael Jordan

Easy folks. I know some of you Kobe haters or Jordan lovers will be mad that I am calling Kobe the current MJ, but hear me out first.

Both players are 6'6 and play shooting guard. Both are incredibly gifted defenders and always love the challenge of shutting down the other team's star player.

Kobe your game is without a question designed like MJ's. You shoot that impossible fade away with the perfect touch and you find a way to the hoop with such ease that it almost seems effortless... A-LA Jordan.

There may not be a player that can take over a game on the offensive and defensive side of the ball the way you and MJ do. One scored 69 points in a regular season game and 63 points in a playoff game... the other scored 81 points in a regular season game and 50 in a playoff game. Who can forget that there are no better closers in the game than you two? Jordan is Mr. Clutch and Kobe is Mr. Clutch Jr.


There you have it...hope you enjoyed the list and feel free to chime in with your own.

I couldn't include every current star because it would take me all night but here are some of my honorable mentions:

Dirk Nowitzki... Larry Bird-like (Big body, can shoot any range accurately)

Ron Artest... Dennis Rodman (For obvious reasons and great defense)

Chris Bosh... David Robinson (Obviously Robinson stands on his own but Bosh's game is similar and both are lefties)

Amare Stoudemire... Shawn Kemp (Power, dunks, not much else)

Tony Parker... Gary Payton (Quick, great hands and spectacular point guards over six feet)



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