Eagles Fans, How Did We Not See That Coming?

Jim McNultyCorrespondent IJanuary 18, 2009

The Cardinals?  We lost to the frickin' CARDINALS?

Of course we did.

Why wouldn't we?

I mean, seriously. This is Philadelphia. These are the Eagles—the team that hasn't won a title since 1960.

It wasn't bad enough that we were getting blown out. 


They had to stage a remarkable comeback. Reel us back in. Even take the lead.


But anyone that has even spent five minutes as a Philadelphia fan knows what happens next.


Why would it happen any other way? How could we be so gullible?

Oh, right—the Phillies.  Thank God for the Phillies.

A simplistic explanation of chaos theory basically states that a room full of monkeys given enough time could produce the works of Shakespeare.

So extending that to the world of sports, it means that even the Phillies—the losingest professional franchise in North America—and the Cardinals—who hadn't won a championship since 1947—given enough time, had to win at some point.

So eventually, the Eagles, the Cubs—even the Washington Nationals (well, okay maybe not the Nats)—given enough time are bound to win some day.

Whether our sun has gone supernova by then is anybody's guess.

A Facebook friend of mine updated his status, apologizing to his children for making them Eagles fans. I replied, saying that dealing with disappointment is an important life skill.

So why aren't we really, really good at losing by now? I mean the fans; our teams have it down pat.

The Eagles by all admission were not expected to get this far. But neither were the Cardinals.  The Eagles had a better record than Arizona by a half-game (due to everyone's favorite tie).

So in the ten years of McNabb and Reid we've had five NFC Championship Games, losing 4. One Super Bowl appearance. 

Zero titles.

It sure beats the Marion Campbell days, but the Eagles have now become the Buffalo Bills—except the Bills' futility came in the Super Bowl.

Which is worse? That's up for debate.

What I do know is that once again, I can concentrate on the commercials in the Super Bowl instead of the game.

And next year I might trade in my NFL Sunday Ticket for the MLB package.  Pitchers and catchers report in just under a month.