The Greatest Green Bay Packer Quarterback Ever (Not Named Favre or Starr)

Jersey Al BraccoSenior Analyst IJanuary 18, 2009

If you want to start a heated argument in a room full of Packer fans, innocently ask someone to name the top three quarterbacks in Green Bay history. Next thing you know, emotions will be rising, statistics will flying around the room and you'll soon know exactly who thinks Brett is number one and who thinks it should be Bart.

While there is no doubt who the top two are, who completes the top three? Cast your vote in the accompanying poll and lets let the fans have their say.

Here are the choices:

Arnie Herber- A member of the Pro Football Hall-of-Fame, he played in the 1930's and played before there even was a position called quarterback.  Herber was the first great long thrower in the NFL and his success paved the way for truly "modern" quarterbacks like Sammy Baugh and Sid Luckman.

When the NFL started keeping statistics in 1932, he led the league in passing, and did the same in 1933. In 1935, Don Hutson, the first true wide receiver arrived on the scene and Herber and he set numerous passing records the next few years. Herber led the Packers to four championships during his 11 years with the Packers.

For the 11 years of his 13-year career when in which the NFL kept records, Herber played in 129 games, started 56 games and completed 481 passes in 1175 attempts (40.9%). He threw for 8041 yards, 81 touchdowns and 106 interceptions.

Lynn Dickey - Played for the Packers from 1976 - 1985, after spending his first 4 seasons with Houston. Obtained from Houston in 1976 in a trade for John Hadl, Dickey had a slow first few years with Green Bay, but from 1980 - 1985, he led a high-powered Packer offense along with stars like James Lofton, John Jefferson and Paul Coffman.

The Packers of Lynn Dickey's era gained a lot of yardage and scored a lot of points. His best season was 1983, when he threw for 4,458 yards. Unfortunately, a porous defense during those years meant the Packers never won more than 8 games in any season during his tenure.

For his career, Dickey played in 152 games, started 111 games and completed 1747 passes in 3125 attempts (55.9%). He threw for 23322 yards, 141 touchdowns and 179 interceptions.

Don Majkowski - A 10th round draft pick, the Majik Man played for the Packers from 1987 - 1992, when he ceded the position to you-know-who. The Packers never made the playoffs during his tenure, with their best year being 1989, when they finished second in the division with a 10-6 record.

He was the quarterback during the Lindy Infante era, a time when excellence was not a word thrown around at Lambeau field. These were the days of #1 draft picks Darrell Thompson and Tony Mandarich (sorry to bring that up). Majkowski still holds the Packer record for most passes attempted in one season (599 in 1989).

For his career, Majik played in 93 games, started 57 games and completed 1056 passes in 1905 attempts (55.4%). He threw for 12700 yards, 66 touchdowns and 67 interceptions.

There's a pretty huge drop-off after these three, with the top names being Tobin Rote, David Whitehurst, Zeke Bratkowski, and Randy Wright.

Anyway, cast your vote and lets settle this once and for all!