Philadelphia Eagles: 5 Tackles They Could Pick Up to Replace Jason Peters

Vaughn JohnsonCorrespondent IIMarch 30, 2012

Philadelphia Eagles: 5 Tackles They Could Pick Up to Replace Jason Peters

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    Some disturbing news for Philadelphia Eagles fans broke this afternoon when it was reported that Pro Bowl left tackle Jason Peters tore his Achilles during a workout in Texas.

    The injury will require surgery.

    A torn Achilles is a devastating injury for athletes and will usually them a season and sometimes even worse, their career.

    It is not an easy injury to come back from, nor is their career promised after it is fully healed.

    This is obviously a huge loss for the Eagles who will lose one of the best left tackles in the NFL today, and is an integral piece in protecting the ever-so-fragile quarterback Michael Vick.

    Peters will seemingly be out for quite some time, which leaves the Eagles with something to ponder: do they go out and get veteran via the free agent market, or do they draft a young guy during the early or middle rounds of the draft.

    If the Eagles choose the latter, here are five guys they could take to attempt to fill the large shoes of Peters.

Demetrius Bell

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    The Eagles can try to target another former Buffalo Bill and go after tackle Demetrius Bell.

    According to this story, Bell has already scheduled to visit the Eagles this weekend.

    The Eagles are not alone in the Bell sweepstakes, however, as they are in competition with the other team from Pennsylvania, the Pittsburgh Steelers, for his services as well.

    Both teams will offer immediate playing time for Bell as they are both in desperate need for offensive line help.

    Bell only played in seven games last season due to a shoulder injury, but started 16 for the Bills in 2010.

Max Starks

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    Max Starks has been up and down throughout his time in the NFL, but the Eagles may have to take a gander at him to fill this hole.

    When on his game, Starks can be a solid tackle in the NFL.

    He is used to blocking for mobile quarterbacks as he spent his entire career thus far blocking for Ben Roethlisberger, which can easily translate to blocking for Michael Vick.

Marcus McNeil

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    Marcus McNeil's asking price may be a little higher than Demetrius Bell or Max Starks', but just a couple of seasons ago, McNeil was voted to the Pro Bowl and was regarded as one of the best tackles in the league.

    McNeil had some contract issue out in San Diego and is now, and still an unrestricted free agent.

    Picking up McNeil would mean not having much of drop off from Peters as far as talent.

    He is a proven player in the league and maybe a change in scenery could turn him back into the Pro Bowler he once was.

Adam Goldberg

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    Adam Goldberg isn't a flashy name, but he is a veteran pick up the Eagles would not have to commit to long term.

    Goldberg played in all 16 games last season for the Rams and has done so four other times in his eight seasons in the NFL.

    Goldberg's experience would help the Eagles's transition a bit from life without Peters.

Bobby Massie, Ole Miss

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    If the Eagles wish to go get a tackle in the draft then Bobby Massie out of Ole Miss would not be a bad choice.

    According to, Massie isn't slated to be selected until the second round, so the Eagles do not have to sacrifice a first rounder in a panic.

    Massie is big guy, standing 6'6'' and weighing 316 pounds, but is quick on his feet.

    Quick feet is something that is very needed going up against the likes of DeMarcus Ware, Osi Umenyiora and Brian Orakpo twice a year.

    The only drawback with drafting Massie is that he is inexperienced and will more than likely have to commit to him long term.