2008 NFL Playoffs: Championship Sunday

Rahsaan HuntContributor IJanuary 18, 2009

Sorry for coming late with my picks, but I've been having some Internet problems. So let's get into it. In the NFL, there is a Holy Trinity of sorts that goes like this:

  1. Lombardi
  2. Halas
  3. Hunt

Today, we, the mere mortals, will be graced with the presence of the trophies that are named after two of those three Gods; Halas (AFC Champion) and Hunt (NFC Champion).

So here we are, the Final Four. The last four teams to determine who will play in Super Bowl XLIII. So, who's going to Florida? Let's find out: Sunday, 1/18/09, 3pm

Regular Season Match-up:
Week 13, 11/27/08 - Arizona Cardinals 20, Philadelphia Eagles 48
My Pick: Eagles

Sunday, 1/18/09, 6:30pm Baltimore Ravens (13-5) vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (12-4) Heinz Field, Pittsburgh, PA

Regular Season Match-up:

Week 04, 9/29/08 - Baltimore Ravens 20, Pittsburgh Steelers 23 in Over Time Week 12, 12/14/09 - Pittsburgh Steelers 13, Baltimore Ravens 9

My Pick: Steelers


So there it is, my picks for Super Bowl XLIII. I'm calling for an all Keystone State Super Bowl.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl XLIII.  And in 2 weeks, we'll see the biggest trophy of them all, in the biggest sporting event of them all; the Lombardi Trophy in Super Bowl XLIII.  

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