Will Marquette Crack The Top Ten?

Tim SeemanAnalyst IJanuary 18, 2009

Marquette's Golden Eagles, often questioned as to why they're even in the Big East (at least geographically), have proven they belong with the big boys of the conference since they joined the league.

Yet, somehow, they fail to get any recognition on a national scale.  Except, of course, when some fan comes onto the court to tell the referees they should have called a foul when his brother got elbowed in the eye by a Marquette player.  

It wasn't even a foul.  He put his arms straight up and Jeff Xavier of Providence unfortunately ran into his elbow.  Plays like this happen all the time and don't get called as fouls because most don't end up with somebody getting their eye swollen shut like they just went ten rounds with Manny Pacquiao.  But I digress.

I'm usually not one to go on impassioned rants about my teams, but here's something that might shock you: Marquette is tied for first in the Big East with Louisville at 5-0. The league schedule they've played hasn't been anything to sneeze at either.

They beat ranked Villanova and West Virginia.  They went on the road and beat formidable teams from Rutgers and Providence.  They smashed Cincinnati 84-50.

And, somehow, they're still behind a Texas team with four losses.  They're behind conference foes Notre Dame and Georgetown despite being ahead of them in conference standings.

We'll see on Monday if Marquette's come-from-behind road victory on Saturday catapults them into the top ten.  

We'll see if pundits take time to stop drawing hearts with Blake Griffin's or Luke Harangody's initials in them and recognize that Marquette has four players that can score 30 points on any given night. And that opponents don't know who that one guy is going to be that will do it.

I'm not saying Marquette's the favorite to win the national championship or that they deserve a one seed in the tournament or anything like that.  I'm just saying they're a top ten team in the country.  They deserve to be ranked ahead of Texas, Notre Dame, UCLA, and Georgetown.

Will they be on Monday?  We'll soon find out.