WWE News: CM Punk Says Chris Jericho 'Was Never Really That Top Guy'

Aakash VasaCorrespondent IIMarch 30, 2012

In an interview with ESPN on Thursday, CM Punk had some news breaking to do regarding Chris Jericho. Just a few days before their WWE Championship match, Punk was talking about why Chris Jericho has never been "The Man" in the WWE.

From ESPN.com:

CM Punk quote: ''There's always, I think, somebody that has overshadowed him. I guess an argument can be made that John Cena is still "The Man." But, the numbers don't lie with merchandising, ratings, and everything else. We're not trying to hotshot the title around or play hot potato with it. We're giving people a champion they can believe in. And Jericho was never really that guy. He was never really, I guess, the ambassador John Cena has been and that I've been lately.''

Punk has had one of the best years of his wrestling career, and what he has said—however stinging—is absolutely true.

Chris Jericho was never considered the guy to carry the company. During the Monday Night Wars, the duo of The Rock and Steve Austin were given the baton. Jericho was always overshadowed, and the only time he shone above them was when he beat them both on the same night for the Undisputed Championship.

During his second run, too, Jericho was there in the title picture, but was never really thought of as the face of the company. 

And he's back now, and we have a similar situation—overshadowed by his colleague from the Attitude Era, The Rock.

While there is no doubting Jericho's talent in the ring, and on the mic, he's been a victim of circumstance when it comes to the matter of leading the company.

Either way, what Punk has said will surely add fuel to the fire at WrestleMania 28. Now I can't wait at all for the WWE Championship match!

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