WWE WrestleMania 28: This Show Needs Jim Ross on Commentary to Be Perfect

Daniel MasseySenior Analyst IIIMarch 29, 2012

WWE WrestleMania 28 airs on Sunday. With three main events and a decent card supporting it, this WrestleMania is looking to end the wrestling year with more than just a bang.

The show is looking to be one of the best pay-per-view events put together for many years with many matches having plenty of build-up, feuds, and huge star power.

There is but one thing missing. One thing that would ensure this WrestleMania comes in as the second greatest WrestleMania event behind WrestleMania X-Seven (I mean, come on, it won’t be as good as that, that would be ridiculous!)

That one thing is considered to be the greatest wrestling commentator of all time.

Jim Ross.

Bah gawd if Jim Ross was on commentary for this event it would be beyond epic. To re-unite him with Jerry “The King” Lawler for one last time would be a true gift to the fans watching at home.

For those who are new to wrestling, or are not too sure why Jim Ross would make this event spectacular, I must start by analysing the current state of the commentary team.


Michael Cole spends most of his time siding with heels, talking about the feuds and laughing during the matches.

What does this tell us about the match we are watching?


It is infuriating and pointless. He adds nothing to the superstars in the ring. He moans and moans about how the heels are hard done by, but with none of the comedic grace that Jerry Lawler used to pull it off with.

Michael Cole being the play-by-play commentator makes it very hard for us to take him seriously.

Just imagine if you were listening to the match on the radio. Would you know what was going on? Would you be on the edge of your seat even though you couldn’t see the action? Not with Michael Cole spluttering down the microphone you wouldn’t.

Jim Ross, on the other hand, would leave us biting our nails as he describes almost every move in his instantly recognizable voice.

He would force the imagery of the match into your head and the need for vision would simply vanish.

He would occasionally stop (if a move like the sleeper hold is applied) to question King or give an interesting fact, but would get straight back to describing the action as soon as it picked up again.

This is what the current commentary team is lacking—vivid descriptions of the happenings in the ring.

It is not just the fact he would be replacing the mediocre commentary team we put up with at the moment that would make this WrestleMania perfect.


It’s the fact that so many wrestlers from his main era are involved in the main events.

The Rock, Triple H, The Undertaker, Chris Jericho—they all shared their greatest moments with Jim Ross.

His voice accompanied them along the way and propelled them even further into superstardom.   

If Jim Ross commentated on The Rock vs. John Cena, you could almost guarantee that he would make the electricity in the arena appear as if it were in your own living room. I will never forget JR’s reaction when The Rock won the Royal Rumble. Another reaction like that when he beats Cena would be immense.

CM Punk and Chris Jericho could really do with Jim Ross at this event if their wrestling match is going to involve moves Cole probably hasn’t even heard of.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I like hearing about the technical holds the wrestlers execute. Jim Ross describes this with such accuracy that it seems effortless.

However, if there is one match that Jim Ross should be present for, it is Hell in a Cell between Triple H and The Undertaker. It is the end of an era, an era that Jim Ross was present for, an era he helped create.

He commentated for their match last year, and it is only right that he commentates on this one. If Triple H has any pull around the place, he should use all of it to get JR to commentate on his match.

It is set to be the show-stealer and it would certainly do that with a bit of help from Jim Ross.

If you needed convincing, then I hope the points I have made here have done that.

Let us just hope Jim Ross is called upon this Sunday!


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