New England Patriots' Search for Coaching Replacements Will Begin Soon

Henry LaborantiContributor IJanuary 18, 2009

The New England Patriots have one of the most successful reigns of coaching excellence in NFL history. But next season, the Patriots will be without two of their leading figures to other teams.

Scott Pioli, the Patriots' VP of Personnel, has taken the GM position in Kansas City. Josh Mcdaniels, the Patriots' offensive coordinator, has taken a head coaching position for the Denver Broncos.

Scott Pioli is recognized as one of the best VP of Personnel heads in the league. When the Patriots lost both Charlie Weis and Romeo Crennel, Pioli stood strong in bringing another great coaching staff, including Josh Mcdaniels.

Mcdaniels was overlooked by many teams, but Pioli easily recognized what a great assistant coach Mcdaniels would make, and had him signed to the team. Pioli is also one of the major reasons that Matt Cassel wasn't traded before the beginning of this last season.

If Pioli let the Patriots trade or cut Cassel, imagine what the season would have been like.

Josh Mcdaniels is the mastermind behind the 2007 New England Patriot's record breaking season. He is also responsible for turning Matt Cassel from a backup college and NFL QB, to the next great starting QB in the NFL. Mcdaniels took special pride in Cassel, devoting his attention to instructing Cassel into becoming more successful than anyone could imagine.

Losing Pioli and Mcdaniels is going to be a tough hit for the Patriots. But there's still one more man on top that could make a huge impact, team owner Robert Kraft.

Kraft and Belichick will take the time researching coordinators and make up their mind with little to no uncertainty. Expect nothing less than greatness from the Patriots next season. You can pretty much guarantee that they will return to the playoffs.