To MEAN-Chester City: Stop Sniffing Around Our Kaka!

David JacobsCorrespondent IJanuary 18, 2009

Do players' contracts even exist as legal documents anymore? Or are they merely just something extra to talk about and refer to as "how long I COULD HAVE STAYED at the club?"

I ask this following Kaka's pending transfer to the Dubai of the Premiership - Man. City
for a record-breaking (yes, price tags can outdo themselves so often these days) £108million, against Kaka's own wishes and also against the terms stated in his contract (one of which says that he is at AC Milan until 2013!).

To him, this shock transfer (any big player to any smaller club sounds like a shock now) is considered betrayal. I fully agree with him...and his fans.

The AC Milan fanbase have been shocked and appalled by Kaka's forced departure from the Italian giants. They made their dismay known publicly through banners held up at matches such as 'I Belong To Money'. Says it all about top-flight football nowadays, doesn’t it.

Fernando Torres warned that going to Man. City doesn’t ensure silverware success.
El Nino then went on to say “(It would be a fantastic contract, yes, but) there are other things more important than money. A player wants to be remembered for what he has won”.

Ohhh how right he was, but ohhh how wrong club boardrooms thought he was.

However, Torres has to remember that Kaka wasn’t the one who ordered to move from AC Milan. It was the boardroom. Nearly five years left on the contract of a player, a player who has been very happy at that club (up until now).

A complete disregard for both the law of contracts and a player’s own wishes.

I think that football clubs should just do away with contracts now. If most players get moved to other clubs before the contracts expire, then the terms are obviously not worth the paper they're written on (and nor are the players).

It's a bad message to send if the law supposedly plays a large part in sports or anything else for that matter.

This doesn’t just go for the Kaka issue. It goes for other signings like Defoe boomeranging back to Spurs after only a few months at Portsmouth.

Get-out clauses should just ‘get out’ altogether.

I heard that premier league rules (as if they stand for much anymore) dictate
a minimum period of time that a newly signed player must stay at a club before he/she can move once again (one season).

If anyone has located the dusty, unused rulebook, please let the English FA know. I’m sure they’d love to hear about it J

AC Milan had previously turned down offers from larger clubs such as Real Madrid and Chelsea for the blossoming Brazilian striker so why get rid of him now and to such a club as Man. City?

I can't answer that. Kaka can't answer that and, to be even more frank, I don't think AC Milan have an answer either.