Does Jason Varitek Even Like Scott Boras?

Scott StantonCorrespondent IJanuary 18, 2009

After an offseason that has left the majority of Red Sox nation fed up with super-agent Scott Boras, it appears that now at least one of his clients is fed up with him as well.  The agent’s tranquil tactics have exposed client Jason Varitek’s impatient side, and seemingly forced him to take matters in to his own hands.

Red Sox principal owner, John Henry, was left with a bad taste in his mouth after the Teixeira trade talks between Boras and the Boston Red Sox turned sour. The decorated first baseman headed to the Yankees and Henry went as far as releasing a short statement to the Associated Press stating, "There was no mention of the Yankees, but we felt all along that they were going to get the last call. That's what you deal with in working with Scott."

Henry’s statement not only delivered everything but a sucker punch to Boras, but it also showed the owner's true colors on how he feels about him.

The Teixeira deal was just another item of business added to the growing list of reasons why the Boston brass would not want to continue dealing with Boras. It also left several MLB insiders and analysts wondering if that deal would have any impact on Jason Varitek’s future in Boston.

Just as it seemed that many of Boston’s faithful had given up on Tek, saying if he wanted to stay in Boston and show his true loyalty and team leadership then he would have accepted arbitration, there was an interesting turn of events. Varitek called a meeting with owner John Henry near his home in Newton, Georgia on Thursday evening, without Boras. The two met for approximately 90 minutes, and with neither side releasing any specifics, Varitek did confirm that the meeting was to express to Henry that his desire was to stay in Boston.

What’s even more interesting than Varitek meeting Henry without his agent present is the fact that Scott Boras was a mere 200 miles away, in Atlanta, that day.  He accompanied another of his clients and former Red Sox hurler, Derek Lowe, who had just signed a four-year $60 million deal with the Braves and was being introduced.

Boras had rejected Boston’s arbitration offer, which was speculated to be a one-year deal for around the $10 to $12 million mark, in hopes that they would be able to find Jason a multi-year deal.  Had Varitek accepted the offer and put up better numbers offensively in 2009, he would have brought a bigger stack of chips to the table during next year’s offseason.

As the  offseason continues to disappear more each day, it seems so do Varitek’s chances of landing a deal close to the one Boston has already offered him.  Actually, with no other teams kicking down the door of a 36 year-old who batted .220 last season, the Red Sox have the leverage to offer him an Egg White Flatbread and Dunkaccino and say, “Take it or there’s the door.”

Though Boston claims they’re confident to go into the season with the roster they currently have, pairing a bullpen full of stallions without a seasoned vet like Varitek behind the plate is quite a gamble.  And they know it.  We also can’t forget that Tek is a Scott Boras client.  The wonder-agent whose imperturbable tactics might as well be named, “Shock and awe.” 

Whether you love the guy, hate the guy, or love to hate the guy, there is no denying that Scott Boras is great at what he does.  He’s the guy that most owners and fans can’t stand and the guy who players love. Or is that still the case?