5 Reasons to Believe Fernando Torres Will Be Good Again for Chelsea

Steven Cook@@stevencookinFeatured Columnist IVMarch 30, 2012

5 Reasons to Believe Fernando Torres Will Be Good Again for Chelsea

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    Fernando Torres' first few years at Chelsea haven't lived up to the expectations, but there's plenty of reason to believe he can return to top form for the historic West London club.

    Torres has begun to get his game back this season for Chelsea, becoming more of a creator and an asset to a lagging Chelsea team who fear their worst Premier League finish in over a decade. 

    The future is bright for Torres, who hasn't been put in the ideal situation to succeed compared to the position he had for Liverpool during their latest solid run.

    Torres' full game has begun to be on full display for Chelsea and future moves within the organization look to put him in the best spot possible to succeed and become—yet again—an elite Premier League player.

    Let's take a look at some reasons why Torres will return to greatness with Chelsea.  

Roberto Di Matteo

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    The shockingly short tenure of former manager Andre Villas-Boas couldn't end soon enough for Torres, who wasn't honored to his full ability by his former manager. AVB was too busy winning over players like John Terry and Didier Drogba to worry about arguably their best player. 

    Since Roberto Di Matteo took over for Chelsea in early March, Torres has been treated the way he "deserves", according to his management company. 

    Torres has scored a respectable two goals since the managerial switch, but Di Matteo is giving him the playing time and attention that his £50 million contract deserves.

    He has become a much more explosive and creative player since the switch. Chelsea was cruising to a 1-0 victory against Manchester City behind Torres' pesky play before he was substituted. They went on to lose, 2-1.   

    The Spaniard became one of the world's best players at Liverpool by being the team's main striker on the pitch, something he couldn't be under AVB. 

Didier Drogba's Soon Departure

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    Didier Drogba has had his good times and his bad times at Chelsea, but both of those seem to be reaching their final days this season.

    After rejecting a deal that would keep him in Chelsea for one more year, it looks inevitable that he will land with the highest bidder.

    Many teams have been courting Drogba from all over, from the Premier League to the MLS to Shanghai. The 34-year-old Drogba most likely isn't pulling in the biggest offer from Chelsea.

    Torres and the Ivory Coast native Drogba have been essentially competing for Chelsea's lone striker position and rarely see similar time on the pitch. Drogba's departure opens the door for Torres, who will play at his top potential behind a manager that believes in him and a striker position that's all his own.

    Torres won't have to worry about Chelsea's long-time star breathing down his neck anymore once Drogba departs. 

Chelsea's New Core Is Unselfish

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    Torres won't be able to do much of his damage beside Drogba and Frank Lampard, two players who want the shot and have a goal-scoring knack similar to Torres. He'll be able to thrive playing beside forwards Juan Mata and Salomon Kalou much more so.

    Torres' game revolves so much around him being the main option offensively, which is what fueled his elite run with Liverpool. He hasn't been given the star of Chelsea's offense, which he'll have playing in front of Mata and Kalou.

    Kalou's transfer rumors have died down in the last few months, but there's still a big possibility for the Ivory Coast native to depart along with his countryman, Drogba. If Chelsea is trying to build behind Torres, Kalou would be a big piece to keep around. 

    Chelsea pulled out the checkbook to bring in Mata, who boosts Chelsea's aging midfield and allows fellow Spaniard Torres to do what he does best—invade the penalty area and score goals. 

His Attention Is Away from Spain

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    If you've seen this sight of Fernando Torres in a Spain jersey, cherish it, because it isn't around too often anymore.

    Torres became irrelevant for his national team during their run to a World Cup victory in 2010, getting replaced in key games with the likes of Fernando Llorente, not exactly a high-caliber replacement for a Spanish team. 

    Fortunately for Spain, they had enough talent to bring them to a championship, but they didn't get much of that help for Torres. Since then, he's only appeared in two competitive international matches for Spain with no goals.

    Spain's depth of top talent is ridiculous, and they won't miss Torres if he's diminished to a smaller role in Euro 2012 and beyond, but it should help him to focus more on his club game, which desperately needs it. 

Regained Confidence

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    After an incredibly woeful beginning to Torres' time at Chelsea, he has started to pick his game up greatly and is become the Fernando Torres of old.

    It couldn't have come sooner for Chelsea fans.

    Chelsea is amidst its worst season in years as they threaten to finish outside of the top four for the first time since the 2001-02 season. Torres was just 17 years old at the time. 

    Torres needs to be in top form both physically and mentally in order to flourish with Chelsea. He seems to be getting closer to the game he displayed in his run with Liverpool.

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