Wrestlemania 28: Why Lord Tensai Shouldn't Debut at PPV

T.J. McaloonContributorMarch 29, 2012

The WWE is doing a great job in the build for their new character, Lord Tensai. 

We haven’t seen a build to a new character like this in quite some time. The promo videos, the build and the hype that is surrounding his arrival should not end with a debut at WrestleMania XXVIII, but instead end with a big monster heel-type entrance on the following night’s Monday Night Raw. 

According to WrestleNews.com and F4Wonline.com, Tensai is being brought in to be a main event player that feuds with the top faces of the company, saying: 

As noted before, Matt “A-Train” Bloom is set to return to WWE in April as Lord Tensai and will reportedly be “pushed to the top.” Besides John Cena, WWE officials have also discussed having Tensai feud with Randy Orton. No word yet if Tensai will still come in as one of John Laurinaitis’ henchmen.

The WWE had a chance to put Tensai onto the WrestleMania card when Christian was pulled out of the Team Johnny vs. Team Teddy 12-man tag team match because of not being fully healed from an ankle injury. However, they were smart by not making it a mystery wrestler making up the last member of John Laurinaitis’ team. 

Instead, from what it looks like, they are going to let Tensai have the spotlight on Raw the following night, instead of getting buried behind The Rock vs. John Cena match, or the CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho match. 

If the WWE is serious in pushing Tensai to the main event level upon his arrival, then they should have him destroy John Cena to close the show on Monday. 

Cena can be gloating after defeating a wrestler like Mark Henry in the main event. Cena’s music will be cut to Tensai’s music and video as he makes his way down the ramp and into the ring. 

Cena can mount some offense on Tensai, but in the end, the show closes with Tensai leaving Cena laying unconscious in the middle of the ring. 

This gives Cena his next major feud, while getting Tensai over as a main event player and a monster heel. 

The WWE wants to establish this new character as their next big monster. A strong debut will do this if he comes out on Raw, not at WrestleMania.