Looking at My College Football Preseason Bold Predictions

David HedlindAnalyst IIJanuary 18, 2009

OK, so I looked my preseason college football predictions over and, no, I don't have a good record, but I can admit when I am wrong.

Here are my bold predictions from the preseason and what actually happened.


1. No teams go undefeated. Wrong, Utah did

2. BYU becomes the first one-loss team to be a BCS buster. Wrong, though there was a time in there when it looked like a one-loss team may have made a BCS bowl. 

3. USC will not win the Pac-10 more so due to its own slip ups. Wrong, but Oregon State almost did proved me right. 

4. USF wins the BE and gets their first BCS bowl. And win it. Wrong.

5. Big 12 North wins the conference. Wrong.

6. ACC loses yet another BCS bowl. Wrong.

7. Wisconsin beats Ohio State. Ohio State still wins the Big 10. Wrong.

8. Sun Belt gets two bowls and wins both. I was half right in that the Sun Belt had two bowls but they did not win them both. 

9. Fresno State beats Rutgers, UCLA, and Wisconsin. Loses in conference. Right, Right, Wrong and Right. I guess as a prediction though I was wrong.

10. UCLA ends up ninth or 10th in the Pac-10 and questions rise about Neuweasle and Chow. So close. They were eighth, so Wrong.

11. Stoops or Willingham are fired by mid season. Right, Willingham was fired.

12. Bryles and Cutclitffe take Baylor and Duke to new heights starting this year with more conference wins than either team has had in the last couple years combined. Right on both. Both Baylor and Duke had more conference this season than last season.

13. Percent-wise the BE has the most bowl teams. Wrong. BE had 80 percent of its teams in bowls. ACC had 83 percent.

14. At least two SEC teams ranked preseason are unranked by end of the season. One that is not will be in. Right and Right. LSU, Auburn and Tennessee all fell out. Ole Miss wasn't even getting preseason votes but finished ranked. 

15. Kansas falls out of the top 25. Right.

16. One Pac-10 team not ranked will be ranked and finish the conference at third. Right, I impress myself with this one most. Oregon State was not ranked preseason and finished ranked AND finished third in the conference. 

17. John L. Smith comes back to coaching somewhere. Right. As of Jan. 16 it was reported he has joined the staff at Arkansas.


I am taking credit for 6.5 correct and owning up to 10.5 wrong.