Does ESPN Have An Editor?

Andrew MasonCorrespondent IJanuary 17, 2009

Yes, I know this is a stupid topic for Bleacher Report but two articles this week have just been ridiculous so hear me out:

A few days ago ESPN posted an Associated Press article from Pittsburgh about Malkin-Ovechkin "feud."  If you read the article, besides the fact it's an AP article and it's clearly slanted to Pittsburgh, as there is no quote from Ovechkin about the feud besides "a bad situation."

As well as my favorite line, which I guess has been edited since the numerous comments on the story pointed out, which stated Ovechkin is not known for hitting.  I mean, he is only sixth in the league for hits! Does that mean absolutely nothing? 

ESPN put this article on the front page of ESPN so if anyone even bothered to open the story, they will read it as Ovechkin is a punk who never hits except Malkin, and just takes swings at Malkin's agent. 

I just laughed at this and just looked at it like typical ESPN articles: bias, half-covered, half-assed, and stupid.  I thought, "Wow this is a new low for ESPN right up there with sparking Dallas to release Adam Jones."

However, that is, until I read this article about Darius Miles and how his 10th game will cost Portland...

"Miles set up the milepost by scoring 13 points in 14 minutes of a 102-87 to the Cleveland Cavaliers in Memphis on Tuesday after signing the 10-day deal Saturday."

What is a milepost?  A 102-87 what? Win or loss? 

I mean, seriously, was someone typing this on their phone right after the game while walking to the car and thought that was good enough?

It is absolutely pathetic the type of writing that ESPN puts on their website.  I mean, if I tried making up words and leaving words out in my paper or did not check sources, I would get an "F" on my papers and I would probably drop out of school.

Then as my picture that I was able to pull up points out they misspelled the word "the" during the Olympics while covering Michael Phelps.

ESPN is just a joke when it comes down to getting facts correct such as knowing Ovechkin is sixth in the league hits before posting an AP article as the front page, making up words that make no sense, or just plain misspelling the word "the."