Seattle's Last Stand: Save Our Sonics

Andrew BlanchetteCorrespondent IFebruary 27, 2008

It was on December 2nd, 2007 when the feeling truly sunk in. In the stands, in the team, and even in the city.

At this point, the youngest team in the NBA, the Seattle SuperSonics held a record of 3-14, and it became very clear to me, that the majority of people in this city had a “who cares” attitude towards this franchise.

It seems like it was years ago that the season was fresh, and cheers of "Save Our Sonics" were present during every stoppage of play, yet it was only months ago. Delonte West looked tired. Kevin Durant looked tired. Kurt Thomas looked old. Wally Szczerbiak looked tired.

And the fans, well they looked like they came to the arena as a favor to the team, with an expression on the face of many of them which almost said “I’d rather be watching TV.”

And then there are the die-hards. The fans who watch every game with a passion, and who are truly, morally invested into the franchise.

There are very few of these fans around the Pacific Northwest, but these are the people who have felt the effects of the giant slap in the face that Clayton Bennett, Howard Schultz, and David Stern have delivered to them.

Yet with all of this happening, the diehards are still very resilient, and doing anything they can to keep the SuperSonics in the only city where they will ever belong.

But even the best of fans have become fed up over the past month. They’ve had enough of Clayton Bennett’s actions. Such as refusing to search the Puget Sound area for new grounds to build a stadium, or even little stuff, like ordering that a 22 year fan get tossed from the Arena after he simply shouted “Bennett Sucks!” in his presence.

Even though the franchise is in beautiful position be a powerhouse in the Western Conference in the next few years, with 13 draft picks over the next two years and two of the best rookies in the game today, it is still to be determined where the team will play when they reach their peak of talent.

And fans in Seattle can only continue the SOS campaign and hope that they get to see this franchise that they have supported for the past 41 years bring back another championship to the Emerald City, and continue to hope that the people of Seattle truly realize the asset that the team is to the city.

So I hope that you will join me in continuing to cheer on the Sonics and support the “Save Our Sonics” campaign.

Even if you are from Oklahoma City.