Hall Of Fame..get Over It and Let These Guys In

MikeContributor IJanuary 17, 2009

OK, real baseball fans, another Hall of Fame vote has come and gone. It makes some of us think, "Who are the greatest players that are not in the Hall of Fame?"

Here's a list of five that should be in:

1. Pete Rose—He's the all-time hits leader. Enough said.

2. Mark McGwire—He's the single season home run champ and has more than homers in his career. But that's about it. He's a borderline candidate and only should be in because of his home run numbers.

3. Joe Jackson—He had four 200-plus hit seasons, over 1,700 hits, and a .356 batting average over only eight seasons. If it wasn't for the whole Black Sox thing, who knows what he could have done.

4. Buck Weaver—He's not quite Joe Jackson, but with only eight years in the major leagues, he had 1,300 hits. But he hit for a lower average (.272 career batting average) and his only season over 170 hits was 1920, when he had 208. He definitely is a borderline candidate, but if he was able to play 16 to 20 years, who knows?

5. Andre Dawson—He has the most career hits of anyone not in the Hall, but I think he'll be like Jim Rice and will get elected. It may not be until his last year or really close to it though. It seems the writers either didn't pay attention to the guys from the 1970s-80s or they forgot about them after watching the things the 1980s-90s "steroid guys" did.

And an extra for my list...

6. Tim Raines—If it wasn't for Rickey Henderson setting the bar so high, yet only getting only 94.8 percent of the vote, Raines should have gotten at least 80 percent of the vote. He was the second-best leadoff man after Henderson and should be right beside him.

Before you all comment on most of my guys not being eligible, that's my point! They're all great players. Some did it to themselves and some are ineligible due to other circumstances.  Either way, though, they're all great players that should be recognized.

I went to the Hall of Fame last summer with my boys, who are eight and 10 years old.  They know Rose and recognize what he was to the game. They asked why he didn't have a plaque?  I, for the love of the game, couldn't say, "Because he gambled and can't get in." I had to say the greatest hitter in the game just didn't get elected yet.

Are there any others I missed? If so, leave me a comment telling me who you think should be in the Hall of Fame.