DJ's NBA Power Poll: King James and His Court Are Feasting on Home Cooking

Dustin JohnsonCorrespondent IJanuary 17, 2009

Sorry for the long delay between power polls. It seems that when you take a new job and your company offers to pay you salary they really mean you work more for less overall. Oh well, I will try to continue posting power polls every two weeks throughout the rest of the season.

  1. Cleveland Cavaliers 31-7: LeBron and his fellow Cavs have been nothing less than perfection at home. At this point a 70-12 season is not out of the realm of possibilities.
  2. Orlando Magic 32-8: Dwight and Co. have won the first three of their four game west coast trip. What's more impressive is they beat the Spurs and the Lakers. Can they go four for four with a win over the Nuggets tonight? As a Jazz fan I hope the answer to that one is YES!
  3. Los Angeles Lakers 31-8: The Lakers maybe reeling off back to back losses to the Spurs and Magic, but they need to regroup quick because LeBron James and the Cavs are in town on Monday night looking to prove that their ready to contend for a title.
  4. Boston Celtics 32-9: Wasn't Boston supposed to be challenged by the revamped Toronto and Philly teams? Guess not with a 12.5 game lead on Philly, they may have the Atlantic Division all wrapped up by the All-Star game.
  5. Denver Nuggets 27-13: I now hate the Pistons almost as much as I do the Nuggets after that AI trade. That being said I have to hand it to C-Bill and Denver, they are much improved without AI and Carmelo it seems!
  6. San Antonio Spurs 25-13: I almost wrote off the Spurs by mid-November, but they have risen from the near dead to take the lead in the Southwest division. Once again this team could be dangerous by season's end.
  7. New Orleans Hornets 23-13: Only two wins in their last five games means Chris Paul needs to come out strong tonight against the Pistons to keep his team in stride with the Spurs.
  8. Portland Trail Blazers 24-15: These young Trail Blazers are looking to give both the Nuggets and Jazz a run for their money. Jerrod Bayless is looking to step up now that Steve Blake has gone down with a separated shoulder.
  9. Utah Jazz 24-16: Jerry Sloan's team has an excellent opportunity in the next five games, as four are against Dallas, Houston, Cleveland, and Denver. If Deron can get this team to win four of the next five they'll be in great position going into the second half of the season.
  10. Phoenix Suns 22-15: Currently sitting in eighth in the West the Suns now embark on a daunting six game East road swing. If things don't at the least go decent they could be that ninth team looking in at the other eight.
  11. Houston Rockets 24-16: They will move up the rankings if T-Mac and Yao can stay healthy. However that is a very large IF!
  12. Atlanta Hawks 23-16: Their play of late has looked more like the Hawks we've all come to know and love beating up on. Can they turn it around now that they have three of their next four at home?
  13. Detroit Pistons 22-16: Losers of four in a row try to get back on track tonight while hosting the Hornets. D-town made a big mistake with the AI trade. Oh they'll make the playoffs, but they won't be a factor anymore in a vastly improved East.
  14. Dallas Mavericks 22-17: Seriously people this is outrageous! The fact that this has been allowed to go on to the point it has cost a single man $1.5 million is reprehensible! What am I talking about you ask? Mark Cuban's antics as an owner. His latest fine for getting into it the Denver Nuggets has put him at right around $1.5 million in fines over the years. I don't know about you but I wish I had 1.5 percent of that.
  15. Miami Heat 21-17: It doesn't get any easier for D-Wade and the Heat, after they finish off their seven game road trip on Sunday. They have Boston, Orlando, and Atlanta coming to town right after. A good stretch of basketball could leave them sitting pretty.
  16. Philadelphia 76ers 19-20: The Elton Brand era has now been what was expected so far. That being said they sit in seventh place overall in the East right now. That being said they company vying for the seventh and eighth spot right now is crowded with every East team still in the hunt but Washington.
  17. New Jersey Nets 19-21:Losers of four of their last five with a four game West road swing coming up makes for an ugly picture. One bright spot is Brook Lopez, who is leading the team in rebounds, FG percentage, and blocks. I put him on my all NBA breakout team and he's not letting me down.
  18. Milwaukee Bucks 20-22: With Richard Jefferson, Michael Redd, and Andrew Bogut, how is this team not better than they have shown so far this season? How? I just don't get it.
  19. Chicago Bulls 18-22: The baby Bulls went into Toronto and won, they held off Cleveland at home, (no small feat) now they could get their first three game win streak of the year by beating San Antonio tonight.
  20. Toronto Raptors 16-25: I understand playing in the same division as Boston can be intimidating because they need to do something quick or this boat is gonna capsize. Rumors are swirling, including picking Steve Nash or shipping O'Neal off to the Heat. Stay tuned.
  21. Indiana Pacers 15-25: The Pacers are one of those teams that can't decide whether they're good or bad. Quality wins against the Lakers and Celtics, among others and yet they just can't seem to get it together against the mediocre teams of the league. If they figure it out they could be a dangerous six, seven, or eight seed in the east.
  22. Charlotte Bobcats 15-24: First they trade J-Rich to Phoenix, now they send Matt Carroll and Ryan Hollins to Dallas for Diop. Rumors are shoulder deep about trades involving Raymond Felton. It's entertaining to see who is in the lineup each night anyway.
  23. New York Knicks 15-23: New season, new coach, new offense, same ol Knicks record. It's just painful to watch really.
  24. Minnesota Timberwolves 12-26: On the bright-side the T-wolves have won four of their last five and Al Jefferson and Randy Foye are both ballers.
  25. Oklahoma City Thunder 8-33: OKC has won five of it's last 10, including wins against Utah and Detroit. Oh and just in case you still wondering, yes Kevin Durant is an All-Star.
  26. Golden State Warriors 12-29: Captain Jack is back. That's about the only positive thing for Warriors this year.
  27. Sacramento Kings 10-31: This team has shown no signs of life. If they don't wake up and start playing the team doctor will pronounce them dead at any moment.
  28. Memphis Grizzlies 11-28: Outside of OJ Mayo this team can't score. Their last game against the Jazz, Mayo scored 21 points, the rest of the starters also scored 21 points combined.
  29. Washington Wizards 8-31: The reason they rank above the Clippers? Gilbert Arenas is sitting behind the bench waiting to comeback for the end of the season.
  30. Los Angeles Clippers 8-30: Give these guys credit. I mean to win eight games in NBA as an NBDL team is no small feat! Yeah I said it Billy Crystal! What ya gonna do? Make me watch City Slickers 2!