The Rangers Should Do All to Get Vincent Lecavalier

matt goodhartContributor IJanuary 17, 2009

First of all there are a lot of people who will tell you that the Rangers don't have enough offense, and as a long-time Ranger fan ill be the first to tell you that i didn't think they did going into this season.  That being said, Ive watched them all season long and I have to admit to being half wrong, I think they have enough scorers, but not enough set up men or rather not the right ones. 

When you look at the players the rangers lost (jagr, straka, avery, and shanahan) at one point i added it up and i believe it's like 92 goals between the four of them; that's a lot of scoring to have lost.  The Rangers have plenty of young snipers, but don't have a true double team threat so teams are able to play them man on man which leaves less room for these young kids to flourish. 

It also doesn't help matters that the coach changes the lines almost as frequently as his socks, allowing for minimal chemistry to be built up.  Now we come to Vincent Lecavalier who at 28 years old already has a Stanley cup championship under his belt and is one of the top centers/play-makers in the league and a bonafide double team threat, whose acquisition would put the Rangers right where they need to be. 

Considering the division that the Rangers play in one that has Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and the Devils, plus in a conference that also includes powerhouses like Washington, Boston, and Montreal. The Rangers as much I hate to say it are kidding themselves if they think that a deep playoff run is possible.  Despite the fact that Henrik Lundqvist, a three time Vezina finalist and one of the top four goalies in the league is playing at the top of his game. Again, the Rangers cant count on him to win every game.

And when you look at the young talent on this team, the power play is pathetic and despite being a division leader they don't have anyone in the top 20 in scoring and only have one all-star.  Vincent Lecavalier in my opinion would be the answer to all of this, it's hard to imagine young players like Callahan, Dawes, Dubinsky, or Zherdev not benefiting from having a player like Lecavalier to feed them and the open space for some of these dynamic young players. 

By rushing to get another finisher, the Rangers would only be continuing the futility of having too many capable players, while not getting the chances they need to score and trying to force things that aren't there.  The other veteran players like Gomez, Drury, and Naslund would also benefit from reduced pressure on them to carry the team. 

Scott Gomez as talented and fast as he is wont be the guy to carry the team. Chris Drury scores clutch goals not 40 goals and Marcus Naslund is past his prime. He's still a threat, but not at the level he once was. 

While we're talking about it imagine if the Rangers put Lecavalier with Prucha. Wouldn't it be nice to see him return to the scoring threat that he once was when he was on the power play with Jagr and Nylander, before the coach thought it was a good idea to reduce his playing time? 

All of this is still just a fans wish. Last I heard the lightning weren't shopping Lecavalier, but how long will the team be in financial trouble and he is locked up long term and at a good amount of money that eventually they might have to move him and who else has as much to offer then the rangers between prospects and young NHL ready talent it would be a great fit and that's why The Rangers Should Do All Possible To Get Vincent Lecavalier!