Royal Rumble Predictions: Who Will Headline Wrestlemania 25?

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst IJanuary 17, 2009

The Royal Rumble has always been my favorite WWE pay-per-view of the year. So here are who I think will walk away with victories and who will walk into Wrestlemania's main event.


ECW Title Rematch: Jack Swagger vs. Matt Hardy

This one is a little tough to call. Hardy was a good ECW Champion, and I think taking the title off of him right now was a mistake.

I was hoping for a Tommy Dreamer/Matt Hardy program, but there is no way the WWE would take the title off of Swagger this early.

Winner: Jack Swagger (Still ECW Champion)


Women's Championship Match: Beth Phoenix vs. Melina

Beth has dominated the division since she won the title last summer, and I think the WWE was smart to keep the title on her for all this time, but Melina has been hot the past couple of weeks (in more than one way).

I think Melina should hold the title through Wrestlemania.

Winner: Melina (New Women's Champion)


WWE Championship Match: Jeff Hardy vs. Edge

This should be an entertaining match. I look for follow up from all of these mishaps that have been happening to Hardy at the Royal Rumble. Something tells me that this match will end in some DQ or countout bull shit.

If Christian Cage dosen't return during the Royal Rumble Match, then he will get involved in this match. I don't see a clean finish in this one.

Winner: By DQ, Jeff Hardy (Still WWE Champion)


World Heavyweight Championship Match: John Cena vs. JBL (With HBK)

We all know Shawn is going to have something to do with this match and he will do something to upset JBL during the match and cost the "Self-Made Millionaire" the match and the WWE Championship.

This should be a good match if JBL can keep up with the younger Cena.

Winner: John Cena (Still World Heavyweight Champion)


The Royal Rumble Match

Including: R-Truth, Carlito, THE Brian Kendrick, Triple H, Big Show, Vladimir Kozlov, Shelton Benjamin, The Undertaker, Randy Orton, Kofi Kingston, Rey Mysterio, John Morrison, Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase, The Miz, Santino Marella, Kane, and more. 

Well trying to pick a winner in a match with 30 men is never easy. I have heard whispers of a Christian Cage return during the Rumble, but that could be no more than a rumor.

I like Randy Orton's chances, as I think having him headline Wrestlemania would be good for business although I would love to see a young guy like John Morrison or THE Brian Kendrick win the match as well, but that is a pipe dream.

Triple H would be a safe bet as well, but The Game does not need a Royal Rumble win to make it to the main event. I'm sticking with my first choice.

Winner: Randy Orton

See you at the Royal Rumble, where the "Road to Wrestlemania" begins.