You Don't Know Baseball Like You Used To

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You Don't Know Baseball Like You Used To
An extremely slow day, and I don't feel like writing about patches yet again, so I come to you with a premise:  You don't know baseball like you used to.

I'm going to ask you some simple baseball questions.  15 years ago you would have rattled these off and laughed in my face about how easy they were.

1.  What is the current number of home runs needed to become the all-time career home run leader?  You have no idea do you?  You know it used to be 755 and it was 714 once, but what's the number now?

2.  Remember 2130?  Of course you do.   Now Cal Ripken is baseball's all-time Iron Man.   In how many consecutive games did Cal play?

3.  I will make this a little easier.   What is the current single season home run record?   72?  73?  74?  You tell me.  Are you sure?

4.  Who is currently the American League leader for most home runs in a season and how many did he hit?

The 2013 Hall of Fame ballot sure will be interesting.   Will the writers ignore Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, and Roger Clemens, and continue to ignore Pete Rose, Rafael Palmeiro (3,000 and 500) and the most popular post-strike baseball player Mark McGwire, you know the guy that restored baseball as America's Past Time?

Amazing how things change.

(762, 2632 , 73 and 61 by Roger Maris).

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