Stiletto Sports Saturday Rant: What happened to NCAA Basketball?

Jennifer TaglioneCorrespondent IJanuary 17, 2009

I was given an “assignment” from the Bleacher Report to write about college basketball players. They were looking for an article about the college players that fly under the radar. The players that would be stars if only someone would notice them. Unfortunately, the only players I do know at the moment are the big names!

So, instead I decided to put my own unique spin on it and make it my All-Hottie team, which I was going to do come March anyway. Fun thought but it was easier said than done.

I spent a lot of time chillin’ on Google this evening trying to find “sexy, hot, cute, attractive, top, best, handsome college/NCAA basketball players.” Nada. No results matching what I was looking for.

I did however find the 10 sexiest poker players (seriously?) and the 50 sexiest college basketball coaches. No joke. Not going to touch that one now but don’t worry, I’ll definitely go back to it in the very near future.

Finally I gave up and figured, fine, I’ll just look up the pictures of the top 20 players on the Top 100 list and narrow it down after that. Hours (yes, hours) later, after looking at the top 60+ I had a paltry list of about five players that I thought were attractive.

This shocked me to no end. I know I’ve been out of the college b’ball season for a bit since I missed March Madness last year but I’ve always thought of the NCAA as a big open crop of hot, young men. Back when I was an avid fan like 10 years ago, I couldn’t watch a game without falling for some guy on the team (exceptions include some of the scary mid-western states where each player is large, pale, blonde and really distubing looking. That hasn’t changed, trust me). Even in recent year’s I’ve picked my March Madness brackets based on hot guys.

So I ask: Where did all the hotties go?

I’ve decided it must be one of four things:

  • A: I am getting too old for college sports
  • B: College basketball players are getting uglier
  • C: They have always been ugly, I just had really bad taste in guys when I was younger (No Charlie, not you)
  • D. Watching college football has ruined me.

I’ve ruled out A because like D. implies, I really got into college football this season and am totally in love with Sam Bradford. And he’s a babe-ay (my term for a young hottie). Also, because despite the big 3-0 looming in the near future, I AM NOT OLD.

I don’t really think it’s C. either because Marcus Camby and Paul Pierce still look good to me. Not to mention those from my own college’s team. As for D., I’ve always found basketball players to be sexier than football players.

Hi hunny! Marcus, how I've missed you so....

Hi hunny! Marcus, how I've missed you!

So that leaves B: College basketball players are getting uglier.

I’m not going to go on about this and post lots of bad pictures because frankly, it frightened me. I would love your feedback though. Who is hot in the college b’ball world today?

In the middle of the night I did find a friendly blog amongst the sea of boring stats: Ladies… Could be my new fave place to go!