Arizona State's Trent Lockett Soon to Be Playing for the Golden Gophers?

Kaleb SmithCorrespondent IMarch 27, 2012

Trent Lockett may come home to the University of Minnesota to finish his career.
Trent Lockett may come home to the University of Minnesota to finish his career.Nick Laham/Getty Images

With recent devastating news in the life of Arizona State's junior guard Trent Lockett, his career in Tempe may be coming to a close.

Recent word from Lockett showed his possible intent to transfer. Unfortunate news has struck the core of home as his mother has been diagnosed with cancer. Since learning of the situation, Lockett currently is considering a move from the sunny state of Arizona. 

If he plans to transfer, Lockett wishes to return closer to his home in Minnesota, although an official confirmation of transfer or not has not yet been made.

If Lockett were to transfer back to Minnesota, the University of Minnesota would happily await his leadership. After three seasons at Arizona State, each season as a team continues to head south, though the rise of Lockett’s play continues to rise. 

This past season he led the team in scoring (13.0) and rebounding (5.8). His talent continues to excel as his potential explodes in the Sun Devils jersey.

With his leadership, how deadly would the Golden Gophers be in the talented Big Ten? Signs point to being one of the top five teams in strong power conference. 

With recent news of Trevor Mbakwe garnering a sixth year of eligibility from the NCAA, the recent emergence of Gopher guard Andre Hollins and Rodney Williams stepping up, the Gophers could certainly be a contender with Lockett in the lineup.

In typical situations, a transfer would have to sit out one season before he can participate in a game. Although with his family situation, the NCAA could very well grant him immediate eligibility. The terms of the eligibility will only be determined if he decides to transfer from Arizona State.

As Lockett decides his fate, best wishes go out to him and his mother as they figure out these trying times.