Dallas Cowboys' Terrell Owens Primed for Victory Over Rival Jason Garrett

Paul F. VillarrealCorrespondent IJanuary 17, 2009

Update courtesy of Rob in the comments below: The Rams have hired Steve Spagnuolo—not Jason Garrett—to be their next head coach. As Rob notes, this means the Owens vs Garrett battle rages on in Dallas.

It also means that with nearly all of the NFL head coaching vacancies now having been filled, Garrett's leverage to dictate to the Cowboys that he wants Owens gone or else Garrett will walk to a possibly-better situation becomes markedly reduced.

The drama seems as though it shall continue in Big D for the foreseeable future.


Were Terrell Owens Roland Burris, the new United States senator from Illinois, Owens very well could be preparing to add a fresh engraving to his eventual resting place:

Won power struggle with Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator Jason Garrett

News reports are speculating that Garrett is set to be named as the new coach of the St. Louis Rams. Should Garrett bolt Dallas, it will be perceived as a major victory for T.O. in what appears to have become a "me-or-him" showdown for Garrett.


Controversial ESPN reporter Ed Werder came out with a piece in the last few days suggesting that the Cowboys were thinking seriously of getting rid of Owens during this offseason. The article mentioned that some sources felt that Garrett would not return to Dallas should the Cowboys choose to retain Owens' services.

If Garrett is indeed named as the Rams' top man, one conclusion becomes that the guy labeled the Red Headed Genius lost his battle with Owens among team brass. Highly-touted coming into this season, many observers felt that Garrett had a tough year calling the Cowboys' plays as it appeared defensive coordinators around the NFL caught up with his schemes.

Though Owens sometimes voiced his complaints with Garrett's offense, the wide receiver was far from the only Dallas player to do so. In fact, star quarterback Tony Romo joined in the criticism following the Cowboys' humiliating season-ending loss in Philadelphia.

As you might expect, the beleaguered Werder and ESPN are already moving to put a pro-Garrett spin on his possible move to St. Louis. Caution is advised in accepting that viewpoint. The feeling exists that Garrett would stand to earn less money in St. Louis than he would by remaining in Dallas, and such a jump would be seen as the Cowboys favoring their certain Hall of Fame wide receiver over the still-unproven offensive coordinator.

Even ESPN admits that a Garrett exit from Dallas would increase the likelihood that Owens will return next year for the Cowboys.

Terrell Owens led his team with 10 touchdowns scored during the just-completed campaign. If the embattled Jason Garrett were to be essentially forced out of Dallas because the organization chose its best playmaker over a young coach whose luster had dimmed considerably throughout the 2008 season, you could chalk up yet another metaphorical TD for No. 81.