EPL: Is Martin Taylor's Suspension Fair?

Clement AndreauCorrespondent IFebruary 27, 2008

The Eduardo-Taylor's case might be closed soon. Here is the latest update on how it is going to fold up for the Croatian's aggressor...

We know Eduardo might come back on the field in nine months, if he's lucky, and that is with getting medical support from the best doctors in the world, which we know he will.

Martin Taylor is suspended for the next three games, and I can hear some of you already screaming "it is not fair" or "he is a butcher." For the moment the only people happy with the decision are in Birmingham, with Radhi Jaidi, BCFC's substitute, who will benefit from Taylor's suspension, and gain more time on the field.

Three games! I think it's not much if you have a close look at the challenge. I read on BR that some people say the tackle was not that harsh, or that you could see this kind of tackles every week. Really? I agree to the fact that you can see violent tackles every week, but a tackle with enough power to break a leg is not that common.

It might not look like a big one when you watched it live but, Taylor knew that if he was not gonna touch the ball, his challenge will hurt Eduardo. Sometimes there are defenders who play a very physical game, but the ones who go crazy on their slide tackles are not playing fair anymore.

These are either desperate by their opponent's technical skills or they want players to fear them. 

When this happens at a professional level, three games suspension is not enough. Next time a player has an option to roughly tackle someone to the point of breaking their leg why not? The only risk is a three game suspension and a killer reputation, which is good to have when you are back on the field (ask Tacchinardi or Matterazzi).

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