Dodgers Sold to Magic Johnson's Group: 10 Reasons This Is the Perfect Move

Joe Chacon@JoeChaconContributor IIIMarch 28, 2012

Dodgers Sold to Magic Johnson's Group: 10 Reasons This Is the Perfect Move

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    Magic Johnson and his group of investors have emerged as the winning bidders for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

    Their bid of $2 billion is a record for a professional sports franchise of any kind. While many fans and people in the media outside of Los Angeles are trying to wrap their head around the final sales price, the fans in L.A. couldn't be happier.

    Finally, after eight years of dealing with Frank McCourt, the Dodger fans once again have a loyal and trustworthy face leading their franchise.

    This is the perfect move for MLB, and more importantly, the fans of Los Angeles.

10. Magic Makes Smart Financial Decisions

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    Dodger fans didn't want another stereotypical sketchy businessman running the team.

    There were more than a few potential owners on the bidding list who seemed to be more interested in personal financial gain than the fans' best interest.

    Magic Johnson combines the intellect of a business man with a compassion for the City of Los Angeles. He has brought many big name companies into the inner city areas of Los Angeles to promote job growth and opportunity for those residents.

    Fans should expect the same sort of "Los Angeles First" attitude towards the Dodgers from Magic instead of the "Me First" motto that McCourt gave them for many years.

9. Stan Kasten

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    If there were any Dodger fans on the fence in pulling for Magic Johnson's group to become the owner of the Dodgers, it was due to the perception of him not knowing the ins and outs of Major League Baseball.

    With Stan Kasten being part of the purchasing group those questions can be put to rest.

    Magic has said that Kasten will run the team and be in charge of baseball operations. Once Dodger fans see the track record Kasten has with the Atlanta Braves their excitement of Magic owning the Dodgers will only increase.

8. The Preposterous Talk of the Dodgers Moving Back to Brooklyn Ends

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    Ever since Frank McCourt purchased the team in 2004, the idea of the Dodgers moving back to Brooklyn began to pick up steam.

    When it became evident that McCourt was losing the team and the Dodgers would be sold, message boards began to flare up once again discussing this possibility.

    One can't blame the fans in Brooklyn for hoping the Dodgers would move back to the east coast, but how realistic was this to begin with? Major League Baseball would not have permitted the Dodgers to leave Los Angeles...right?

    Well, one thing is for sure, Magic Johnson is the iconic image of Los Angeles, and as a result, the Dodgers are here to stay for good.

7. MLB Saves Face by Having an Owner "Chosen" by the Fans

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    If Dodger fans were ever going to forgive Bud Selig for allowing Frank McCourt to purchase the Dodgers, it would be when somebody like Magic Johnson was able to take over the team.

    The city of Los Angeles was ecstatic when word came that MLB was taking over the Dodgers from the McCourt family. You'd have to look long and far to find a McCourt supporter, and even then you may come up empty.

    Although not put to a fan vote, Magic Johnson and his group would be the choice Dodger fans would have selected from the final selection of bidders.

6. Dodger Traditions Will Remain Intact

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    One of the more alarming aspects of the bidding process was the number of investors who had a plan to replace or dramatically change Dodger Stadium.

    Even Orel Hershiser had this horrific plan for the renovation of Dodger Stadium.

    Frank McCourt did one thing right as owner of the Dodgers. He replaced all the seats and touched up the entire stadium leaving it in better condition than when he took over the team.

    Of course, to offset that he got rid of security and increased parking from $8 to $15.

    Magic Johnson knows how important Chavez Ravine is to not only Dodger fans, but the city of Los Angeles as a whole. While it shouldn't be entirely surprising if there is some sort of sponsorship added to the Dodger Stadium name (ie; BofA Dodger Stadium), the layout and unique architectural design of it will remain intact.

    Magic also understands the tradition of the team, and certain items such as maintaining the uniform design and logo as it has been through the years will continue to only slightly change through time.

5. Dodger Reputation Is Restored

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    The last few years have been rough for Dodger fans. Being the laughing stock for an inept owner has transcended throughout the baseball world.

    Debates about exceptional athletes such as Matt Kemp and Clayton Kershaw would undoubtedly end with a comment about the team being bankrupt.

    With a solid ownership soon to be in place (the sale is set to be confirmed on April 13), players will once again be playing for a prideful organization and their reputation on and off the field will be restored.

4. The Dodgers Will Remain Los Angeles' Team

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    One of the many drawbacks with having Frank McCourt as the owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers is that the team was losing a significant market share to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

    The Angels have done a great job of giving a family, friendly stadium experience coupled with an exciting brand of baseball.

    Financially they have done well, while maintaining a sense of stability with the longest current tenured manager in Major League Baseball.

    With Magic Johnson as the face of the Dodgers, any fan that removed themselves from the team due to McCourt's ownership will come back.

    Furthermore, the fans that stuck by the team even through the tumultuous McCourt era will be even more dedicated to making sure the city of Los Angeles is defined by the Dodgers.

3. Dodger Fans Want Magic to Succeed

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    A constant theme with Dodger fans over the last couple of years was a conflicting interest of wanting to see the Dodgers play well but not wanting McCourt to succeed.

    There will be no conflict of interest with Magic Johnson's group being in control of the team. If anything, the one thing that worries fans is the legacy of Magic being in jeopardy should the team not do as well as they all hope.

    With Magic owning the team, fans will know he is doing his very best for the team as well as the city. Fans want this to work, and they want to see Magic succeed in bringing the first World Series Championship to the Dodgers since 1988.

    Dodger bliss would be Magic flashing that bright smile while hoisting a championship trophy over his head.

2. Magic Loves Los Angeles

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    Magic Johnson has an undeniable love for the city of Los Angeles.

    While there is no guarantee that this love will transpire into a successful ownership tenure of the Dodgers, at least the fans will always know where his heart is.

    Frank McCourt came from Boston, and it's hard for one to understand the culture of Los Angeles when they have spent most of their life living outside the city. He never did grasp what was important to L.A., nor did he ever relate to the fans.

    Magic has done wonders for the inner city of Los Angeles. He relates to everyone from the single mom on welfare, to the multi-million dollar executives in charge of the most prominent businesses in California.

    If you think he fits the profile of a politician, well he dabbled in that as well.

    Things won't be easy, and Magic knows that. However, his love for the city of Los Angeles will afford him to have some missteps along the way without fans questioning his underlying motives.

1. Los Angeles Trusts Magic

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    Although nine reasons have been listed as to why the Magic Johnson-led investment group is the perfect solution, none of them would matter without the most important reason of them all.


    Dodger fans have been burned by ownership ever since the Fox Entertainment Group (owned by News Corp.) took over the team in 1998.

    When a fan base has been deceived and fed lies to for nearly 15 years, there was bound to be skepticism no matter who the new owner turned out to be.

    That was until Magic Johnson entered the picture. His face, his words and his history with Los Angeles promote an immediate sense of trust between he and the fans.


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