WWE Champion Jeff Hardy Has Pyro Accident! Who Is To Blame?

Blue ChipCorrespondent IJanuary 17, 2009

What happened to Jeff hardy's pyrotechnics display tonight that may have caused him to be blind? Why did Vicki just stand there and watch all of this happen? Will Jeff be able to wrestle for the gold at the Royal Rumble?

All of these questions and more answered....well, now.

Tonight on Friday night Smackdown: Jeff Hardy is blinded and according to WWE.com, "burned," as his entrance to the ring. This was the result of a pyrotechnics malfunction.

In tonight's video, and aired program, Jeff was on his way to the ring, with the intent to become a guest on the "Cutting Edge."

As many stage hands and fellow wrestlers tried to help, the struggle was to keep Jeff in one place. Jeff was holding his eyes and appeared to be in an extreme amount of pain.

As E.M.T.s rushed to his side, they were able to bring with them, a stretcher and help Jeff off of the stage.

Vickie Guerrero and Edge seemed to look on with concern, as they watched Jeff receive assistance. There appeared to be nothing Edge, Vicki, nor anyone else for that matter, could do to help.

This came as a huge shock to the concerned fans, as their faces were wrought with concern.

This is where my "Late Breaking News" becomes an editorial.

It is my opinion that this being the third week in a row, of Jeff Hardy having accidents, is all to convenient. Last week it was a car accident, which happened to have full video and audio coverage, in addition to perfect blocking.

This would not have been so odd, if there were not a second camera.

This week, I see Jeff in the middle of a fireworks display. The pyro starts prior to it's normal entrance Que. I suppose this again would not be so suspect if there were not horrible actors surrounding the injured superstar.

As if this were not enough, it seemed quite odd to have everyone perfectly attached to audio at that point. There is also my recall of never seeing his pyro center in that close.

I do not think anyone can argue with the following facts, which are not suspect, simply proof.


1. If there were cause for concern, there would have been an entirely different personnel situation.

2. This is all too convenient to have all of these accidents occur in succession.

3. This is by far the most convincing, (in my opinion.) The "Cutting Edge" was Edge scheduling an interview with Jeff. Were Jeff to meet in the ring there is no doubt, this would have taken at least five minutes time.

Yet, Jeff is on his way in, and the pyro problem hits. This is all over with, in about two and a half minutes. This time is conveniently appropriate to end the broadcast, down to the second, as he is carried back stage.

Who is to blame for this? If Christian does not make his return, and assume blame for all of these attacks, I would be somewhat surprised.

There is alway the possibility that Christian never returns to the WWE and the storyline was not a build up for a surprise debut. If he never returns, I would simply make the assumption that the culprit would be Edge.

At this point, there are two people who could be behind these attacks, who would be surprisingly refreshing. The first would be HHH, looking for a title match. The most intriguing however, would be Matt Hardy, from a "jealous brother angle."

If Jeff Hardy will make it to the Rumble, there is always doubt. Realistically, there is a 99.99 percent chance, he is just fine wherever he is. There could be a story of Jeff being too injured to compete, however. Time will tell, how far and long this storyline will run.