WWE: Chris Jericho Reportedly Signs Contract Extension, Full Time Through Summer

Poppa Big NickCorrespondent IIIMarch 27, 2012

"The Best in the World at Everything He Does" Chris Jericho
"The Best in the World at Everything He Does" Chris Jericho

In what is some of the best news a fan of Chris Jericho can hear, Jericho's representatives have reportedly negotiated a deal with John Laurinaitis to stay in the company full time and at least through the summer. As reported by Ring Side News:

Chris Jericho's representatives have negotiated an extension on his current WWE deal, which was originally for six months. The challenger for CM Punk's WWE Championship at WrestleMania has extended his contract for several months, and will be "full time" in WWE through the summer. 

It is not known what happens to the Fozzy concert tour that was originally scheduled for the summer, but Jericho's tenure in WWE for what he has been jokingly calling "this tour of duty" has been confirmed as "extended," which means he will either continue feuding with CM Punk or be a major part of the WWE draft to help the SmackDown brand after WrestleMania.

As I said, this is great news, as I and many fans were fearful that this was just going to be a WrestleMania run for Jericho that would see him leave again for an undetermined amount of time. Chris Jericho is undoubtedly one of the biggest and established stars in the WWE who is both a great face and heel. This also sheds the rumors that C.M. Punk must win at WrestleMania due to Jericho's presumed departure.

With the extension, it is now more than possible that Jericho could walk out of Miami the WWE Champion and continue his great feud with C.M. Punk, which, in my opinion, has gotten more interesting over the past few weeks.

Instead of seeing who the "Best in the World" is by just one match, they can now have a series of matches. Further, Jericho could add some much-needed star power to the deprived SmackDown brand, if in fact the draft rumors are true.

Now that we know this is just the beginning of Jericho's run with WWE, we will be able to go to sleep at night knowing that he's not going away for another prolonged absence.

The sky is the limit for what Jericho can do for WWE—not just physically in the ring by having great feuds and putting over the younger stars, but publicly, too, as he has established himself as a pop culture icon. He will only bring more publicity to the WWE, whether it be on television or music. As an obvious Jerichohoulic, I could not be happier.