NHL Free Agency Rumors: 3 Reasons Why the Flyers Should Keep Jaromir Jagr

Joe Russomanno@@jriding4evrCorrespondent IMarch 27, 2012

NHL Free Agency Rumors: 3 Reasons Why the Flyers Should Keep Jaromir Jagr

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    The NHL season is rapidly concluding and Jaromir Jagr has shown he is still a vital component to any team he plays for. After a three-year exile in Russia's KHL, Jaromir Jagr has so far posted 18 goals and 31 assists for the Philadelphia Flyers.

    His successful return to the NHL has his former league's attention and apparently one team is ready to try and lure him back. However Jagr was offered more than what he got to play for the Flyers when he returned to the NHL.

    Therefore money isn't the issue of where he plays. Considering that Jagr has shown he still can compete in the NHL, it's likely to believe he will stay in the NHL until he retires.

    The Stanley Cup is the most prestigious trophy in all of sports so it wouldn't be a stretch of the imagination to think Jagr wants to win one more before he hangs up the skates for good.

    The Philadelphia Flyers have gone an even longer amount of time than Jagr since Lord Stanley's cup was paraded down Broad Street, so they might be equally inclined to keep the vital piece known as Jagr.

    Despite Jagr's age and diminishing skills he still has some things which a team on the cusp like the Flyers need.

    Allow me to present to you the three reasons why the Flyers should re-sign him.

Veteran Savvy

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    Jaromir Jagr is a first-ballot-Hall of Fame player. There's just no arguing that.

    But Jagr didn't get such reverence without earning it. His achievements are vast and legendary but to summarize—a two-time Stanley Cup winner, five-time Art Ross Trophy winner and one-time Hart Trophy winner. Oh and Jagr is the NHL's active all-time scoring leader at 1,648 points.

    This is a player that more than knows his way around the hockey rink. On a young team like the Flyers a few players who have the guile and savvy that Jagr has are needed.

Plenty Left in the Tank

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    Jaromir Jagr won't win any more Art Ross trophies but he does have that uncanny puck-handling and quick release that got him there.

    Those skills make him a formidable weapon to have on a roster. With two of the toughest teams in the league in their very division, the Flyers need every weapon they can get.

    While the Flyers do have a plethora of youth waiting to step up and take the reigns, at anytime an injury or sophomore slump could happen next season. With Jagr's established presence he is a valuable player to have in such circumstances.


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    After 20 years on the job some might think Jagr has his retirement home picked out. Nope, hockey just consumes Jagr more than it did even in his rookie days.

    He has a key to the practice facility and even plans on playing until he's 50!

    This makes him the model leader and example for such an impressionable club as the Flyers.

    Jagr understands the importance of such things like conditioning and abstaining from alcohol the night before games. Let's just say if Peter Laviolette has anymore Dry Islands it won't be to encourage Jagr to corral his nightlife.

    Instead the Flyers coaching staff will have an added voice in the locker room influencing the team.

    This season's Flyers squad does not indicate any such transgressions but after a successful run this spring, who knows if egos will swell in that locker room.

    If so best to have a firm leadership corp in place to minimize it.

    Going forward Jagr won't just show this young team how to practice and win hockey games, but he'll also show them how to handle success and deal with adversity.