WWE: The Rock and John Cena Steal the Show on Final RAW Before WrestleMania 28

Michael NargiSenior Analyst IMarch 26, 2012

The Rock and John Cena will settle their differences on Sunday night.
The Rock and John Cena will settle their differences on Sunday night.

The Rock and John Cena stole the show in Atlanta just six nights prior to WrestleMania 28.

In a Raw that was void of significant dialog and live promos, the Rock and Cena did their best to build up the ever growing anticipation for Sunday night. 

This confrontation was the final hurdle before the biggest event of the year. This was one of the best promos between the main event competitors and leaves everyone eagerly awaiting WrestleMania. 


What took place

After the Rock took the ring and explained the significance of being back in Georgia, Cena entered the arena to start a dialog that makes Sunday seem like it can't come soon enough.

In a dialog that started casual, it quickly became heated. After Cena told the Rock that he transcended the WWE, the Rock told Cena, "You've transcended the industry, you've became the heartbeat of the WWE...But you've never faced anyone like the Rock"

The Rock's words warranted a reply from Cena, "You will never see anything like John Cena."

Cena went on to tell the Rock, "I rise above Rock, and here's the kicker, I rise above and I win...I am going to win at WrestleMania."

Cena reiterated what he said in previous weeks, that he simply needs to win this match. Cena seems to have a legitimate point.

While the Rock will be at WrestleMania 29, there is no certainty of his involvement with the WWE in the year leading up to it. Cena however has no backup plan and will be on every episode of Raw week in and week out.

Before the drama ended, the Rock let Cena know that "This house, your house, The Rock helped build," and that the match goes beyond the WWE and business, "On a personal level, I just don't like you."


What it means

The match comes down to this: Can Cena lose this match and have the ability to build himself back up again? Or is the Rock headed towards disappointment in front tens of thousands of fans in a packed football stadium in his home town of Miami?

After seeing the two men feud with their words week after week, it is evident that Cena will be more greatly impacted by a loss. The WWE means the world to both men but only Cena has to answer to a mixed crowd night after night.

Who has come out on top in the war of the words? Overall it looks as though the Rock edged out Cena in the verbal war, but when it comes down to it, the most important thing is who comes out of the ring victorious in Miami.

Both guys have given it their all week in and week out in these weeks leading up to April 1st. The only thing left for the Rock and Cena is to settle their differences in the ring at WrestleMania 28.


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