A "Twist of Fate" For Jeff Hardy?

Demetrus StokesAnalyst IJanuary 16, 2009

So "The All-American American" Jack Swagger is the new ECW Champion? 

Very Interesting...

These new developments got me thinking.  Could the WWE be setting us up to pull the ultimate swerve?

Most of us have been speculating that the WWE is setting up Christian Cage to be the man who has been causing all of the chaos in Jeff Hardy's life.

While this still may be the case, there may be an alternate plan developing.

Jeff Hardy is on top of the world right now.  He's arguably the most popular superstar in the WWE.  He's the WWE Champion. 

Even though he has screwed up time and time again WWE has given him another chance. 

He left WWE at one point (although not his decision) and wrestled for the competition in TNA.   

All the while one guy has stayed loyal to the company, even though another top star was screwing his girl. 

One guy has had to take a back seat to his little brother, even though he may be the better wrestler.

Of course that man is Matt Hardy.

What if Matt is fed up?  What if Matt just decided he couldn't take it anymore? What if losing the ECW Championship sent him over the edge? Lliterally and figuratively.  

What if Matt did the unthinkable? What if he made a deal with the last two men you would ever think he would make a deal with?

What if Matt collaborated with Edge and Christian to take out his little brother Jeff? 

This would take an already interesting storyline, and just add more fuel to the fire. 

In addition to this storyline being a great way to bring Christian back, it would also be a great lead in for the Hardy's going into Wrestlemania.

It seems that Matt will likely not be competing for the ECW title at Wrestlemania. 

It also looks like Jeff will drop the WWE Championship to Edge sometime before Mania possibly as soon as Royal Rumble. 

A potential Brother vs. Brother match wouldn't be a Wrestlemania first, but I think Jeff versus Matt would possibly be bigger than Kane versus Undertaker. 

We may not get this match at Mania and may end up seeing Jeff vs. Christian, with Matt having some involvement in the match possibly not revealing himself as a co-conspirator until then. 

Either way if Matt were thrown into this storyline it would provide some of the "shock value" that us fans have been looking for from the WWE for quite some time.