2012 NBA Draft: Scouting Report on UConn Huskies PF Andre Drummond

Randy ChambersAnalyst IMarch 26, 2012

HARTFORD, CT - JANUARY 29:  Andre Drummond #12 of the Connecticut Huskies looks on before the game against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish on January 29, 2012 at the XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut.  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
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Now that the season is over for the UConn Huskies, it's time to breakdown one of their pro prospects in Andre Drummond. The 18-year-old may only be a true freshman and has several years of eligibility left, he is projected to be a high draft pick in next year's NBA draft if he decides to come out early.

Let's break down Drummond and see why scouts love him so much, and why he should even possibly consider staying another year in Connecticut.

Position: Power Forward/Center

Size/Weight: 6'11", 270 pounds

School: UConn



The first thing you notice about Drummond is his size. This guy already has the NBA body, which scouts absolutely love because he'd be able to contribute right away with the big boys. He doesn't need to bulk up like many guys his age have to when they make the switch to the next level.

He's also only 18 years old, which means he'll likely be well over seven feet tall by the time he's done growing.

Another thing to like about him is the fact that he runs the floor extremely well for somebody his size. He also has a huge wingspan at seven feet, rebounds well and has tremendous leaping ability that allows him to contest every shot in the paint.



I love Drummond's upside, but one thing that I absolutely don't like is the fact he doesn't maximize his potential. I wonder if he even knows how good he can be.

He struggles on the defensive end, doesn't box out well and didn't dominate his first year in college like you'd think somebody with his size and athleticism would have. Averaging 10 points and seven rebounds was just the tip of the iceberg for what he's capable of.

He's absolutely terrible from the free-throw line, as he shot 29 percent this season. He's also still raw on the offensive end and his post game needs work.

Other than that, the only negatives I see is the fact he didn't dominate the collegiate level. I need to see a killer instinct, somebody who cares about the game. Is he one of those guys who will let his god-given abilities do all the work, or will he actually put the work in to become one of the greats?


Player Comparison: Andrew Bynum

Both players were the same age when they entered the draft and had eerily similar traits. Both were extremely athletic, had extraordinary leaping ability, were raw on offense, needed work on defense and really lacked energy to the floor.

Many considered Bynum a project when he entered the draft and whoever drafts Drummond will have to be up to the same task.

Bynum also went 10th overall in the 2005 draft. That's in the same ballpark for Drummond if he was to enter the draft this season.



Overall, I love Drummond as a prospect, but for the right price. There simply aren't a lot of players that enter the draft with the kind of athleticism and size Drummond has. Questions about his work ethic and passion for the game are not to be ignored.

Drummond has the potential to be the next Dwight Howard, but could also turn out to be the next Kwame Brown if he doesn't continue to work on his game.

I think he should stay another year in college to answer some of these issues, but if he enters the draft, he'll be a top-10 pick. If he was to stay in college for another season and expand his game, he would likely be the No. 1 pick overall in the 2013 draft.

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