South Carolina Football: Melvin Ingram's ESPN Sports Science Clip Is Insane

Alex Roberts@@alexCoAbassCorrespondent IMarch 26, 2012

OK, I have never done this before, but I feel compelled. 

A video review? Who would have thunk it?

Who has not seen Melvin Ingram's absolutely insane Sports Science video on ESPN or YouTube? It's only the most insane display of athleticism I have ever seen. You can find the clip here.

What absolutely blows my mind is how impressive he actually is.

South Carolina fans have always known that he was an athletic beast. And some of the rumors of things that he did in practice were almost too amazing to be true. 

After seeing this video, I believe everything. 

To begin with, they run Ingram through a drill that is supposed to simulate a player getting to the quarterback. The program states that a quarterback would ideally like to get the ball out of his hands in approximately three seconds. 

Melvin blasts through the obstacles and demolishes the host with a time of 2.8 seconds. Some of the statistics that the program derived from this information were staggering. 

He accelerated to 17.8 miles per hour. For a 270 lb. man, that's insane. 

He's also capable of creating 2,500 pounds of force on each hit. That's like getting hit by a car.  While these are impressive and useful stats, the program only gets crazier. 

Next, they put him through a couple of exercises just to display his athleticism, which I can now confirm falls somewhere in the range of "holy hell, did you see that?" and "Melvin Ingram: The Movie, directed by Michael Bay."

These stunts looked like special effects. 

From 20 yards away, he throws lasers through a 26-inch hoop like an All-Pro quarterback. He runs a running-back drill and makes cuts comparable to an NFL tailback. He does a standing backflip and even dunks a basketball—in pads.

In fact, he jumps so well, Sports Science said that his vertical jump is six inches higher than the NBA average. 

Watching all of this happen in real time is mind-boggling. There is no way that Melvin Ingram falls out of the top 10 after this stunning display. 

If you have not seen it, please click the link. Every football fan should watch this.  

Melvin Ingram will make some NFL team very, very happy. He's the total football package.


Note: All statistics were obtained from the video.


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