WWE News: Could Miz and Foley Be the Final 2 in the Laurinaitis/Long Match?

Chris HumphreyCorrespondent IMarch 26, 2012

As the Road to WrestleMania comes to an end this Sunday in Miami, there is only one loose end remaining for the event, as we still need to figure out who will be the final two superstars in the tag team match between Team John Laurinaitis and Team Teddy Long.

With the rumors spreading from Alberto Del Rio, to Rey Mysterio, to the new Lord Tensai among superstars being one of the final two, I think we got a idea of who those two will be after a war of words between two former WWE Champions yesterday on Twitter.

WWE legend Mick Foley started the battle as he sent this tweet yesterday evening:

OMG! Just ONE week until @MiketheMiz and I hang out and watch #Wrestlemania together. We former Mania main-eventers have to stick together!

— Mick Foley (@realMickFoley) March 26, 2012

After seeing the post by the hardcore icon, the Miz had this to say about Foley, saying they will be watching WrestleMania together from the sidelines:

Hey @realMickFoley quit trying to make yourself relevant again. Unlike u I don't settle I make things happen#Raw #MizMania

— The Miz (@mikethemiz) March 26, 2012

In a response that was a classic Foley answer, the best-selling author spun the back-and-forth argument between the two into a plug for his latest book that’s set to come out this year.

Yes, @MikeTheMiz you ARE awesome...as a character in my new children's book, in which The Miz learns a valuable holiday lesson from @CMPunk

— Mick Foley (@realMickFoley) March 26, 2012

I think the WWE shouldn’t add Mick Foley to the match as the final member of Team Teddy Long at WrestleMania, as the sixth teammate should be a young, up-and-coming superstar instead of the 46-year-old Foley.

In an article of mine from Sunday evening, I thought the best superstar to be added as the final member of Teddy Long’s team would be Brodus Clay, as he hasn’t really had any direction since debuting as the big Funkasaurus earlier this year.

Ultimately, I think the Team Johnny vs. Team Teddy match, along with the Divas tag match, will be just filler matches before we get to the big matches at WrestleMania, like the Rock-Cena and the Undertaker-Triple H bouts.

So Bleachers, how do you feel about the Miz and WWE legend Mick Foley potentially being the final two superstars added to the tag team match this Sunday at WrestleMania?


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