WWE: Raw Is...NO ATTITUDE! Why The WWE Needs Little More Risque to Be Better Off

KumarCorrespondent IJanuary 16, 2009

I'm honestly sick of PG-rated WWE. I mean, the wrestling is good, the matches are good (except we need a little bit more hardcore with the weapons), but the storylines and promos are just uninteresting.  It's not the same without the insults, the swearing, the divas, and crazy gimmicks (take Mankind and Cactus Jack, not no-gimmick "Mick Foley").

Here's how bad it is...

-I think a lot of people know that WWE matches are better than TNA's, and so are the storylines at times.  But I'll start watching TNA fully because watching Scott Steiner put on a promo insulting anybody and everybody is hilarious.  And yes, I can't stand the six-side ring (too easy, too many turnbuckles), but some of the match stipulations are unique (Feast or Fired, for example) and they are entertaining to watch.

-Whenever Stone Cold comes back, he can't say (unless on PPV) that he's the World's Toughest Son-of-a-Bitch anymore, which is totally gimmick infringement.

I'm not saying that WWE needs to be Attitude Era-like, but they should at least go back to the type of material they were doing in the Invasion storyline, where it had today's trademark WWE "passion" but the Attitude that we all crave.

WWE also needs to know that the kids you keep tending to are going to grow older.  You are going to have to make everything more risque to get the ratings you got 10 years ago, because just like the Attitude Era, the fans will turn on you.  Wait about seven, eight years, and we'll go through the Attitude Era all over again. 

Why is the WWE complaining that their ratings are down? Kids can't watch TV if their parents don't let them, and I know that as a fact.

Back when I was a kid, I couldn't watch Raw unless I did my chores and finished my homework first. That was impossible because I came home at four, had to eat supper at five, and had tennis practice at six, coming home at seven. With pressure to play sports from more and more parents, and more hectic schedules coming around, kids won't watch Raw and SD! And the ratings will go down.

On the other hand, you've got college (and older) guys who've watched Raw and SD! all their life, or 30-somethings who've been watching since the '80s. Do they have restrictions? NO. They can watch TV whenever they want and more importantly, watch what they want. 

In my mind, WWE has a lot of work to do. They shouldn't make their promotion a whole makeover, because really, that would just be way too difficult.  Today's more wrestling-oriented, and way less promo-oriented, which means you've got to train developing wrestlers to have way better mic skills than what's been coming out recently.

Take Ted DiBiase, for example. He's a guy with great wrestling skill, good enough to maybe be the next Randy Orton as many say. But in my mind, he's only got average promo skills and would not survive one bit in the Attitude Era (neither would Batista, I'm just saying).

WWE should make their promotion a little bit of everything, but more Attitude, and more of what the people want. They have to start listening to the people more, and stop pushing John Cena like he's the Rock.

Yes, Cena is one the best promo-cutters in history, but that doesn't mean that you'd use him like Hogan and push him down our throats with a two-year-long title run. John Cena should be a heel, period, and that's what most of us want (or so I think).  

As for the Attitude part, WWE is losing people every day sick and tired of the same old promos, the same pushes, and the same matches. I mean, Raw's got some sort of tag team match almost every week as their Main-Event (thank you, HBK vs. Cena last week!), and SD! just has a pretty good match (different) but a Vickie Guerrero or Edge appearance or interference at the end.

It's getting kind of old WWE. Please stop putting us as stupid fans. We're really not.