WWE News: Which WWE Superstar Will Be in the Next WWE Films Movie The Marine 3?

Chris HumphreyCorrespondent IMarch 25, 2012

Image via ring-rap.com
Image via ring-rap.com

In 2002, the WWE created WWE Studios as a division of the company that would be responsible for developing and producing feature films in the coming years.

As the first film produced solely by the WWE Films, John Cena starred in The Marine as it finished sixth in the box office rankings in 2006 making more than $22 million in worldwide revenue.

Following the first edition with Cena, the WWE pegged another superstar for the title role as Ted DiBiase starred in The Marine 2 in 2009 but didn’t achieve as much success as it was a straight to DVD release.

With WWE Films rebooting the franchise for a third film in the series, who has the company picked to be the star of the newest WWE Films Production?

From Wrestling News Source:

PWInsider.com is reporting that Randy Orton has been slated to star in The Marine 3. Word is that WWE wanted to put a "big-name" star in the film in an effort to help reboot the series.

The original film starred John Cena, while the second film starred Ted DiBiase.

As a fan of the company going on about 15 years now, it continues to puzzle me why the WWE is still pumping money into this venture that seems to be going nowhere by trying to expand their business from solely professional wrestling into the film business.

Even though having one of the biggest superstars in the company attached to the film, The Marine 3 will probably go the way of their recent films that barely even reached $500,000 in total combined box office revenue.

In the end, I think WWE Studios will fold within the next five years as the WWE again made a poor decision in trying to expand outside of pro wrestling, like in the disasters that were the XFL and WWF New York.

So Bleachers, what do you think about the decision by the WWE to have Randy Orton star in the newest installment of The Marine sometime in the future?

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