What Are The Mets Waiting For Next Christmas?

Richard MarshSenior Analyst IJanuary 16, 2009

Hey Omar, what's up? Met fans world wide have been waiting patiently these past few weeks to see some more of the brilliant moves that you achieved early in the Hot Stove Season.

All of us realize the first and foremost priority was to overhaul the bullpen. You get an A+ for that effort bringing us K-Rod and J.J. There still may be a need for an additional lefty but if Feliciano is used somewhat sparingly he could fill the bill and if Sanchez returns to form he is more than capable to get out left handers.

The next priority was to effectively improve the starting rotation because if we do not, we will be chasing the Phillies and perhaps (but I doubt it) the Braves into September and we all know this franchise does not need or want that again.

Let's look at the projected 2009 rotation. Thank the stars and anyone else you can that Johan Santana (good job there Omar ) sits at the top. However even with a 22 win year he alone can not bring the crown to Queens.

After that, Mike Pelfrey. A great middle of the season certainly made people think he could be a very solid number two or three starter, but he tired down the stretch and his September was not what you want to get to the top.

Next, John Maine, (my favorite Met starter) had an inconsistent 2008 that ended in injury. He was certainly more effective the previous year and it remains to be seen what he will bring to the table this year. Are you getting antsy yet?

The fourth is Tim Redding, a competent end of the rotation guy who is still way under .500 for his career. Do you want him to start the fourth game in a critical four game series against the Phillies in August?

Last but not least is a competition for the number five back end of the rotation, with Niese and Parnell trying to land that spot. Oh my God.

Omar you missed the boat on CC, AJ and Derek Lowe because this team with it's own TV Network and brand spanking new stadium continues to act like a small market team.

What's left is Ollie Perez, an injury prone Ben Sheets, a disgruntled Andy Pettitte, a Tommy John surgery Randy Wolf, an oft-injured Garcia and my absolute favorite comeback of the year candidate, Pedro Martinez. I am getting sick.

What about the holes at second, left, and catcher? What have we done there? Zero. We let three top-notch players, Raul Ibanez, Milton Bradley and Pat Burrell get away, and to tell me that any of them would not be an improvement to our platoon of Murphy and Tatis?

Plus, please stop trying to sell us that Luis Castillo will have a comeback year. Are you talking to me? Out there sits Orlando Hudson, who not only is a 100 percent improvement, but a great clubhouse guy who wants to play with the Mets. My brains are starting to fall out of my head.

The Yankees have a strategy, buy a championship. The Red Sox have a strategy, reclamation projects. The Cubs have a strategy, fills their holes with quality hitters, so where does that leave us?

Right now I'd say 85 wins and another second or perhaps third place finish. This is unacceptable on way too many levels. I have watched and cheered for this team since 1962. I don't want the 1986 Mets to be the last Met team I see to win a World Series.

I don't have 28 years left like Philly fans that had to wait to see there's. This is bordering on the absurd. Whatever is going on behind the scenes seems inconceivable to me that this ownership including it's General Manager does not have the ways and means to get this done.

Where is Manny?

What started as a most amazing offseason is coming done to nothing less than a total disaster. I would rather not wear a Cole Hamels jersey standing in front of New York Casino Hotel in Las Vegas next October, as I promised I would do if the Phillies finish ahead of the Mets again. To me it's personal. This team has to make something happen and make it happen soon or the nightmares of the past three years will seem like child's play if we have another disastrous finish to the 2009 season.