Cardinals-Ravens: A Possible Matchup in the Super Bowl

Sam TastadCorrespondent IIIJanuary 16, 2009

After this weekend, the Super Bowl matchups will be set. Who would of thought of the Cardinals or the Ravens in their conference championships. This may be the year the Ravens and Cardinals make the Super Bowl.

Here are a couple of reasons why these teams should be in the Super Bowl. One, both teams have experience. The Cardinals have Kurt Warner, who won a Super Bowl with the Rams in 2000. The Ravens have Ray Lewis, who was the MVP in the Super Bowl in 2001.

Second, both teams know how to win. The Ravens have the best defense in the NFL, a decent quarterback, and a pretty good running game. The Cardinals have a former MVP and Super Bowl winning quarterback, very good receivers, and a decent defense.

The Cardinals' defense shut down DeAngelo Williams, and Micheal Turner the last two games, and the Ravens shut down the wildcat formation, and the Titans the last two games.

Both of these teams have young coaches, too. Arizona's coach used to coach at Pittsburgh, and Baltimore's coach used to coach at Philadelphia. Both coaches old teams are also in the conference championships.

If these two teams make it to the Super Bowl, it will be a good offense vs a good defense. Both of these teams have proven success this year, and it comes down to if they play the hardest on Sunday. If they do, then they will be going to the Super Bowl.


Prediction for the NFC Championship: Arizona 27, Philadelphia 17.


AFC Championship: Baltimore 21, Pittsburgh 17.


Super Bowl: Arizona 24, Baltimore 17.