The Houston Texans and the 2009 NFL Draft

Bill StellContributor IJanuary 16, 2009

After a season filled with ups and downs, the Texans managed to pull out an 8-8 season for the second year in a row on the strength of the No. 4 ranked offense and some outstanding defensive play. As they go into the offseason and look toward the draft, it is time to review the positions and find the next draft choice to help them take the next step.

The offense showed what it is capable of and appears to be basically set with the exception of some depth for the line and at running back. The Texans should be looking for a power back in this draft to spell Slaton and to provide the short yardage that they have been missing for the most part. This concern however is seriously overshadowed by the needs on defense.

For seven seasons, the defense has been in need of help in several key positions. Let's look at them separately and try to decide on the most urgent.


Defensive End: We have one stud on the line who always draws double teams and can still get to the QB and disrupt plays but other than him there is not much of a pass rush. They definitely need another stud on the opposite side.

Linebackers: We have several good to very good LB's but need some quality depth in this position. Two injuries and we are in trouble at this position.

Defensive Backs/Safeties: Even with the return of Daunte we need some help here as always. We have never had a true cover back here and it shows in the stats. The existing group does OK when the line gets decent pressure on the QB but when the pressure is on the secondary to often they come up short.

As this draft day approaches the Texans will be looking at these positions and others and trying to make the right choices for the team, as will every other team in the league. 

Now the pressure is on the GM and Coach Kubiak to make the best decisions possible when pick No. 15 goes on the clock.

It appears the the most pressing needs are:

DB's/Safeties:  They need a playmaker here.

DE: They need a pass rushing stud on the right side.

RB: Power power power. They need a bulldozer not a sports car here.

If the draft gods are kind to the Texans, we could be comparing them to someone for the AFC championship next year.